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[photo]-I Can't Believe They Invented That!

I Can't Believe They Invented That!

Some products are designed to make our lives easier, and actually do fulfill that purpose. But there are so many others that we look at and just can’t help but think “I can’t believe they made that!” Here are our favourite fun, crazy, yet not-so-useful items. Enjoy!

The diet jar
Not eating sweets and chocolates when you’ve got a craving takes a lot of willpower—unless you own a diet jar. This storage device for candy—or anything else you want to put in it—is programmable to stay closed for a length of time of your choice. And don’t even think about trying to open it before you’re supposed to; it’ll give you an electrical jolt if you try to tamper with it!
$42 USD at

Hello Kitty automatic toilet paper dispenser
People who are especially picky about their toilet paper being the exact same length every time they use the washroom (if there are such people out there) need look no further! Not ready to shell out the equivalent of over $200 on an automatic toilet paper dispenser in a lovely pink and white Hello Kitty scheme? We can’t blame you.

¥22,400 (around $220) in Japan only

ICQ toothpaste
Remember ICQ? It was one of the first instant messaging applications that were widely used over the Internet. Today, most people choose to use Windows Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger… which could be why the Israeli company that first developed ICQ has decided to release a new product: ICQ toothpaste. Perhaps they’re looking to increase the quality of actual face-to-face communication by keeping their users’ teeth clean and breaths fresh…

Available in pharmacies in Israel only
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