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Dubble Bubble lover Denise Richards

Jul 6, 2013

Dubble Bubble lover Denise Richards
(BANG) -Denise Richards keeps a gumball machine in her house.

The 'Twisted' actress - who has daughters Sam, nine, Lola, eight and two-year-old Eloise - is addicted to sweet treats so keeps a machine to dispense them at home.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''We have a gumball machine in the house so I always have pink Dubble Bubble gumballs on me. My kids and I also love pretzels.''

Although she loves sweet treats, Denise, 42, added she also makes sure to keep a toothbrush on her at all times.

Denise is also currently guardian to her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's twin sons Bob and Max, four, while their natural mother Brooke Mueller is in rehab, and while she has no plans to get back together with her ex-husband, they now have a great relationship.

She said: ''We've very close. We're really great friends and we've been close for the last couple of years after going through a difficult divorce and it's good. We like, actually enjoy, being together. He is good with the children.''

When asked if she ever thinks about reuniting with the actor, she said: ''No honestly, we are very, very good friends. We're better friends now. It's good. Things are very good, they've been good for a long time.''

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