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Josh Duhamel learned of Fergie's name change online

Aug 23, 2013

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Josh Duhamel learned of Fergie's name change online
(BANG) -Josh Duhamel found out about Fergie's name change on the internet.

The 'Transformers' hunk's heavily pregnant wife decided to change her legal name from Stacy Ann Ferguson to Fergie Duhamel - taking his last name after four years of marriage - however, Josh says the Black Eyed Peas songstress had planned to keep the sweet gesture a surprise but he ended up discovering the news online.

He explained to Yahoo! omg: ''I actually found out [online]. It was so sweet. It was her plan for a while, but she finally found the time. When the baby comes she wanted all of us to have the last name. It was very sweet.''

The 'Fergalicious' singer is expected to give birth to the couple's first child, a baby boy, imminently and Josh, 40, candidly admits he is ''scared s***less'' at the thought of becoming a father.

Despite his worries, Fergie, 38, has had a very smooth pregnancy, according to the 'Safe Haven' actor.

He said: ''She has really taken to pregnancy. It's unbelievable. It's been pretty drama free. She's happy, seems to be in great spirits, and is more beautiful than ever.''

Fergie and Josh began dating in 2004 and tied the knot in 2009.

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  • Wendy Fung
    August 23, 2013 at 12:54 pm
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    Both Josh Duhamel ( at his age 40 )and his wife as Stacy Ann Ferguson ( at her age of 38 )been both expected their first born child ( could be as a boy )in a very smoothy Pregnancy. There was no explanation why Fergie's maiden- name been changed on-line & to declare as Fergie Duhamel. Reason quite simple : Because both of them were legally married and expected their child to have both parents on the same level of caring .

    Speaking of 40,yesterday ( the 22nd of August of 2013 ) that my first son to accompany with me to watch a movie " Grandmaster " which aired within " Empire " Movie Theater Chain . It described a Martial Art Grandmaster who been turned his 40 and prepared to start his own family of his own with his married wife. Out of Sudden he face lots of competition rematch activities etc. The movie equpipped the mother tongue language which original from Chinese ( Cantonese and Mandarin as the version )language . It also had the " English version " as the illustration for the western-foreigner-viewers to digest the content of the movie . In general most Northern part of China fluent of Mandarin and Southern China fluent of Cantonese. I am glad that my son was there to have more digestion of how my grown-up place such Hong Kong life , His both side of grand-parent's life in Main Land of China history . Due to my first born was the real Canadian Born and had his real birth certificate to be proved ( as the way to be proved as the real Canadian Citizen ). For the deepest digestion of my view: It look like the martial-performers of both in their middle -age couple in love over their souls only with two languages to express their inner hearts . But with the unhappy ending . Their fighting journey from the war-battered regional player ,cloud-seeding weather scene with quite a bit of imagination theme capturing. Buddhism theray mind been integrated into the already been beaten female martial-performer to finish her life with similar way as committed suicide method to reach her very bad illness-ending stage.

    Heaven surrounded with angels which mingle freely .Female master-martial on Earth with an emptiness feeling that she will opt for attention due to her illness/opinion addict . She just seemed opened her heart to heaven where as the destiny where ever shine bright and clear.

    On the other hand it seemed the Buddhism God been had his genuine calling her " to be back to heaven where to be reunited with her single dad ( Master of Martial ) as their continuing to be with her father's bonding /caring in God' kingdom Place as teh eternity path, and to fullfil her religious fate. Not to mention that was the fiction drama to attract movie-goers' attendance in a full house- mandate .

    English became potential language in the World for the last 155 years and at least 75 countries around the World been used it . English been less about exerting linguistic dominance which as the language's colonial History and making it intelligible to all those who use it .
    • chris
      August 23, 2013 at 10:54 pm
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      Wendy, just like other comments on other articles, this makes absolutely no sense at all.

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