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[photo]-Pout Savers: Our Favourite Lip Balms

Pout Savers: Our Favourite Lip Balms


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Must-have mouth moisturizers
Alas, the cold season has arrived, and its effects can already be felt on our skin… and lips! To keep our pout moisturized all winter long, we’re sure to keep one of these lip balms in each of our coat pockets.
Vaseline Lip Therapy
gets our vote for: cutest packaging
Many of us turned to regular Vaseline to moisturize our lips—so we were thrilled to find that it comes in a cute mini size that is much more portable than its big brother. Same moisture, smaller package!
$1.99 (7g) at mass retailers and pharmacies.

Limited Edition eos Lip Balm Collection (inspired by Alice in Wonderland)

gets our vote for: sweetest inspiration
We were already fans of eos before they put Mickey on their famous orb-shaped balms, so when we heard of an Alice in Wonderland-inspired collection, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. Watermelon Wonderland, Blueberry Potion, and Sweet Vanilla Nonesense (our favourite!) make up this deliciously moisturizing trio.  
$11.99 (set of three) in pharmacies.
Cranberry Joy Lip Balm
gets our vote for: juiciest scent
Every year, we look forward to the special cranberry-scented offering of products from The Body Shop, and we must say, this year’s lip balm really stood out at us. One whiff of this intriguingly shaped balm and you’ll want to apply it all day long…

Carmex Lip Ointment
gets our vote for: most potent
We reach for this little yellow and red tube when we have a seriously chapped pout. Not only does it help protect our lips, but it also provides relief for those nasty cold sores. And we have a strange liking for its medicine-y smell.
$3.49 (10g) in pharmacies.
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  • Cathy P
    December 4, 2012 at 9:30 am
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    the EOS product is NOWHERE to be found... i went directly to rexall when I saw this post on nov 28 and they had been sold out for week in york region... where else can i get it??? I contacted the company but most stores aren't in this vicinity. i ADORE EOS!!!!
  • Terri
    January 29, 2013 at 8:18 am
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    After trying gazillions of different lip balms over the years I've found the more you put them on the more you need to apply more! No so with Endrial by ROC--it is awesome and keeps my lips soft and smooth all day, even aftering drinking or eating--needs reapplication infrequently.
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