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Natural Complexion

published July 04, 2013
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Oat powder, pumpkin seed oil, rose petals, pomegranate and raspberry oil—do these speak to you, too? The latter is exactly what natural skincare label Corpa Flora proposes, a brew made of sweet and romantic ingredients  that divinely nourishes our skin during this most lovely season! We could not resist the ultra-fine exfoliating facial powder Rock ’n Rose, which we’ve combined with our cleansing oil all seven days of the week for skin that definitely breathes easier, and that suddenly absorbs the properties of our skincare formulas more easily.  A special mention goes to the night cream replacement Éclat Citrouille, an antiaging cocktail that regenerates, softens, and stimulates collagen synthesis using essential oils like chamomile, roman, and lavender. And on the packaging side, the vials are downright charming!  As for the icing on the cake: part scientific, part “green”, this product line is made in Canada. We’re loving it!

Starting at $14 in select natural health stores and online.

Natural Complexion
Natural Complexion
Natural Complexion

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  • isabelle kadri
    August 9, 2013 at 9:39 pm
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    Wow. This product sounds amazing. Would you be so kind as to send me a sample or a coupon to purchase this product. Thank you.

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