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[photo]-Nail Art: Playing with Colour

Nail Art: Playing with Colour

Three manicures that are sure to dazzle
Want to turn your beauty routine upside down? You’re just in time: we invite you to renew your stock of mani ideas for tips that won’t go unnoticed. And, in accordance with the season’s trends, we’re going all out in the colour department! Check out the three, easy-to-execute looks below to dress up your nails!
Monochrome rainbow
The i
dea: Pressed for time? Here’s an original manicure that rightfully earns the “speedy” label.

The tools: One shade, from light to dark, in five different nail polishes, for five fingers. Don’t be afraid to mix brands and finishes. For added oomph that won’t go unnoticed, opt for one or two glittery lacquers. If the initial investment proves rather costly (about $10 dollars per bottle), just tell yourself that you’ll be able to replicate the look many times before you see the bottom of the bottle. You should also consider prettifying your toes!
The execution: We suggest starting with the darkest shade on yourpinky finger, and saving the lightest shade for your thumb. What follows is as simple as unscrewing five bottles of nail polish! 

Ombre nails
The idea: Does the ombre colour trend inspire you? Here’s the perfect opportunity to transfer it onto your nails!

The tools: You will need two nail lacquers in different hues, one lighter shade and one darker shade. Out with transparency; you’ll want to use opaque finishes. Add a makeup sponge to the mix, and you’re ready to go!
The execution: First, paint the entire nail with the darker shade. Let dry completely. Then, apply a small quantity of the second shade onto your makeup sponge. Starting halfway on the nail, lightly pat the polish on the top part. The transition between both shades must be a subtle one. Lastly, coat the top of your nail with the second shade and admire your two-tone masterpiece!

Linear nails

The idea: Planning to stay in and watch a movie?Take advantage of this time to create a color scheme that requires a healthy dose of skill and patience.

The tools: You’ll first need three nail polishes, variations of the same hue. It is better to opt for lacquered finishes, without glitter, for all three. Then, using scissors, cut up thin strips of scotch tape. Save one strip per finger, making sure that each is of sufficient width to cover approximately one-third of your nail.

The execution: Stick a thin strip of tape horizontally, vertically, or diagonally across the middle of your nail, depending on what look you want to achieve. Apply the darkest shade on one side, and the lightest on the other. Let dry, and apply a second coat if needed. Once everything is dry, delicately remove the tape. The key step: applying the last colour in the middle of your nail. We recommend sticking a strip of tape on the parts where you have already applied nail polish, to prevent ruining your paint job.
Psst! For a long-lasting mani, don’t forget that a base coat and top coat are a must.


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