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get's free newsletters's Fashion Glossary is the place to buff up on your fashion knowledge and get your terms straight. Browse through the complete list of terms, sort them by category or letter (or both), or use the search field to find exactly what you're looking for.
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Category: Fabrics, Embellishments, Textures, Prints
Floral prints are generally composed of flowers, but can include and / or incorporate trees, plants, leaves and vines....
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Flutter Sleeve

Category: Clothing
This style of sleeve is usually similar in appearance to a ruffle, or it can be a sleeve with no portion for under the arm and the top section cut into...
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Category: Fabrics, Embellishments, Textures, Prints
This term refers to a type of embellishment that was first a trademark of Native Americans. To create a fringe, a piece of fabric is sewn on one end to...
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