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All in hair removal:

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Lovely Leg Allies

By Mariève Inoue on 2012-07-05
3 picks to put your best gams forward this summer Shorts, skirts, dresses—we try to wear as many as possible during the summer season. But baring our legs means we tend to pay a lot more attention... continue

All About Pulsed Light Hair Removal

By Ariane Boisvert on 2011-10-27
A few enlightening bits of information Fall, with its call for long pants and thick pantyhose, is the perfect time to begin a definitive hair removal treatment. Why? Well, our skin, no longer exposed... continue

Bikini Buzz

By Deborah Fulsang for on 2011-07-08
Get your bikini zone beach-ready! Brazilian, French or Vajazzled? Kit Expert Maria Iossifidis gives us the scoop on what’s chic south of the border.   Q: What’s the latest trend... continue

Beautiful Karma

(editor's pick)
Posted on 2011-06-30

What’s New in Shaving + Waxing

By Émilie Carignan on 2011-05-27
4 solutions for smooth skin As the mercury rises, our gams are itching to get some fresh air... not to mention head out for the season’s first trip to the beach! But before you begin showing some... continue

Shaving and Waxing Finds

By Marie-Andrée Guimont on 2010-06-30
A skirt-friendly summer just isn’t possible without soft and shaven legs! We decided to try out three of the latest products available to help simplify this everyday (though sometimes unpleasant)... continue

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