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The Minimalist Wardrobe: Paring Style Down to the Basics

By Katia Jean Paul on 2014-07-14
There’s something in the air: on the heels of normcore—the arguably smart sartorial trend with the inarguably off-putting moniker—comes the resurgence of an old idea with new appeal: the minimalist wardrobe. continue

Summer Suit Styling Guide

By Jennifer Choy on 2014-07-08
Don’t sweat it with our practical tips for finding your ideal summer office attire continue

We ♥: Plus Size Summer Fashion

By Marie-Pier Alary on 2014-06-24
10 finds for the curvy set continue

Summer Beauty Pinspiration

By Mariève Inoue on 2014-06-18
4 must-try makeup looks + products continue

Get the Celebrity Look: Blake Lively

By Caroline Elie on 2014-06-10
How to be perfectly trendy continue

Fancy Footwork

By Katia Jean Paul on 2014-06-09
When casual doesn't have to mean dowdy continue

To Each His Own… Dress

By Katia Jean Paul on 2014-05-30
When men dare to be fashion-forward continue

The Art of Wearing White

By Jennifer Choy on 2014-05-27
How to pull it off, from head to toe continue

What’s New for Spring-Summer at Marshalls

By Marie-Andrée Guimont on 2014-05-20
A trend expert tells all continue

We ♥: Skirts, From Mini to Maxi

By Marie-Pier Alary on 2014-05-13
10 colourful offerings for spring continue

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