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[photo]-5 Ways Windows Phone is Intimately You

5 Ways Windows Phone is Intimately You

published November 30, -0001

Your phone, your way
How would you feel if someone poked around your underwear drawer? Like your personal space had been violated, right? Now, picture someone looking at the contents of your smartphone. We bet you’re getting that same invasion-of-privacy kind of feeling... That’s because from the pics you take, the music you listen to, and the texts you send, to the apps you download, your phone houses everything that makes you, well, you. And what better way to show off your individuality than with a phone that no one else has? That’s what Windows Phone is: with bright, fun colours and total customization options, no two people have the same Windows Phone. Here are five awesome things about Windows Phone that prove it was designed just for you.
It’s 100% customizable. Windows Phone puts you in the driver’s seat, so you get to decide what lives where: keep the People Hub at the top, Facebook can be on the right, Twitter on the left, it’s all up to you. Organize the Live Tiles on the Start screen however you’d like, customizing the size, order, and colour of each tile to suit your personal tastes.
Staying in touch has never been easier. Make a phone call, send a text, IM, email, even Skype in just a couple of taps. Not to mention check your social networking feeds, create contact groups and more. Got multiple email accounts? No problem: with the Windows Phone Email app, you see all of your accounts in one Linked Inbox. Messaging friends and family has never been so seamless either—switch back and forth between text and chat in the same conversation using Messaging Threads, and of course, it’s easy to attach photos, voice notes, your location and more.
Capture, share, and save photos with ease. Snap a photo, edit it, and share it by text, email, social networking or NFC… all without leaving the Camera app. SkyDrive even automatically backs up every photo you take, so those precious moments you’ve captured can stay safe and sound in the cloud.
Telecommuting at its best. It seems like everyone is working in a virtual office these days, so you need to have the best tools available to get the job done wherever you happen to be. Office Hub lets you start a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet on your PC, then sync it to SkyDrive so you can keep writing and editing while on the bus, at the coffee shop, or even at the beach.
Endless hours of entertainment. Use the Music + Videos Hub to listen to your fave tunes and podcasts, watch videos, and enjoy Smart DJ playlists made up of your top songs. You can sync your iTunes library with your phone, too. Plus, the Windows Phone Store has more than 100,000 apps for you to choose from, and the Games Hub is your on-the-go arcade where you can play your favourites, new and old, to your gamer heart’s content. 
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