Dua Lipa’s confidence struggle

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Dua Lipa’s music comes from her feelings of low self-confidence.
The ‘New Rules’ hitmaker admits she channels her esteem issues into her music but does find it very empowering performing her tracks on stage.
She said: ”Getting up and performing my songs, I do feel very confident. But a lot of the songs come from a place that lacks that. Something I always wanted was a way to portray confidence in my music – trying to make myself feel better in certain situations. Like after someone didn’t think I was good enough, I wrote ‘Hotter Than Hell,’ which made it seem like he couldn’t get enough of me. I guess that makes me feel empowered.”
And the 22-year-old singer thinks it is best to be honest with her music and always wants to speak her mind on her tracks.
She added: ”I realised that the only person who was going to get a real honest song out of me was me. So I thought, ‘F**k it. I’m going to speak my mind. I’m just going to do it for the sake of the music and the sake of me trying to get the best out of myself.”’
However, that doesn’t mean her songs can’t be inspired by a true event and then take a completely different direction in the end.
She told the February issue of FASHION magazine: ”It always starts with the words. It always starts with the stories and what I want to say …
”You can write about anything, really. It can be about someone you dated for six months or even someone you just spoke to at the bar who came across as such an a**hole [that] you didn’t really want to speak with him. One thing can inspire a completely made-up scenario.”

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