Ed Sheeran’s balaclava disguise

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Ed Sheeran wore a balaclava to disguise himself at a public firework display in Lewes, England .
The chart-topping musician often finds it difficult to go out in public without being recognised, and has admitted he had to take extreme measures to make sure he could enjoy the Lewes fireworks – which he said marked his ”first fireworks since 2010” – in peace when he attended the bash held in honour of bonfire night (05.11.17) last year.
Talking to Pete Donaldson from Absolute Radio, he said: ”You know what, I went to Lewes fireworks and wore a balaclava all night and the police kept telling me to take it off because I was scaring children and I was like ‘I don’t want to take it off’. I thought I’d be fine because Lewes fireworks, everyone is wearing a mask all looking a bit freaky so I was like ‘I can wear a balaclava!’ but yeah, it didn’t really go down well.”
Ed, 27, was nominated for five awards at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday (21.02.18) night – where he managed to walk away with the Global Success gong – and confessed that he much preferred British award shows to the American ones, as he gets to indulge in a drink and mingle with more people.
He said: ”I enjoy these [British award shows] the most because they allow you to mingle. In all the American awards show you sit in a line and you’re not allowed to drink and you kind of just sit there to wait and person and win…or not win. It’s a bit more communal, you get to meet artists that you spent all year listening to on the radio then you suddenly get to hang out with them and have a drink with them which is quite nice.”
The singer performed his track ‘Supermarket Flowers’ – taken from his latest album ‘Divide’ – at the awards show, and revealed he is in the process of writing his next album which features songs seven years in the making.
Speaking about the process of the album, he said: ”I mean I don’t know what direction it’s going to go in but where it’s at the moment is a collection of songs that I’ve been writing for about 7 years.”
He also admitted that he writes most of his music at home, but did reveal the quirky location where he likes to write his chart-topping hits.
He added: ”[I do write] mostly in my house. I do write in … you know what, venue showers are really good because they’re huge and spacious.”

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