Gabrielle hated fame –

Gabrielle hated fame

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Gabrielle has never enjoyed being famous.
The ‘Out of Reach’ hitmaker has admitted she accepted that her music career meant a lot of her life has played out in the public eye but she tried to keep as much of her privacy as she could as she believed people only needed to know about her talent.
Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: ”My passion never died, but I didn’t enjoy being famous. That’s why you never saw me outside of what I did.”
The 48-year-old singer took a lengthy break from the industry between 2008 and 2013 when she released her comeback album ‘Now and Always: 20 Years of Dreaming’ and she has revealed her decision to put her music on the back burner was so that she could focus on raising her children and being around for them.
She explained: ”It wasn’t a conscious decision to take time off, but I’m a mum first and foremost. When you’ve got babies you miss them so much if you go away, even if it’s just for a week. Parenthood is a funny thing, but for me I wanted to be around for them. My kids are much older now and doing their own thing. Although I’m still mum and I do the school run, it’s nice that I can do this, too.”
However, the ‘Rise’ hitmaker has had to work hard to find the balance.
She told BANG Showbiz recently: ”It’s all about having that balance of home life and work life. I think that if you are nervous and you want to spend time with your kids, maybe that will balance and settle you. I think if I had my kids when I was singing, I wouldn’t even make it onto the stage.
”Everyone finds different things to settle those anxiety. I still to this day don’t think that I’ve got it handled, but I do what I have to do.”

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