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Hailee Steinfeld feels social media pressures

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Hailee Steinfeld has been ”guilty of comparing” herself to others on Instagram.
The 21-year-old actress and singer admits she is only too familiar with the pressures social media can put on people but she tries to channel that feeling into something more positive.
She told People magazine: ”Scrolling through Instagram, I’ve been guilty of comparing myself. But instead I’m like, ‘Wow, I admire her dedication. If I want that, I can work for it.’ You can feel unconfident, that’s normal. But you can also do whatever you want to feel confident, and if that means changing something about yourself, do it. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s definitely not a place anybody should go to for validation – I can’t find it there. I think you’ve got to find it within yourself, and if you’re going to post something, post it because you love it or you like the way you look or you like what’s in the photo. That way you don’t necessarily care what people have to say about it.”
And the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ star recently admitted that music makes her feel ”vulnerable” and it is much more personal than acting.
Asked when fans can finally expect an album from her, she said: ”I’m so over saying the word ‘soon’ because I’ve used it too many damn times. I don’t even know what it means anymore. I want to put new music out, but … As an actor, I’m masked by characters, protected by them. But as a musician, it’s my story, my voice, my face. It’s me on that stage talking about that horrible experience I went through and [saying,] ‘Here, I’m going to sing about it.’ It’s such a different kind of vulnerable. To connect with fans, there’s pressure in feeling like I have to do things that I’m uncomfortable with, in terms of opening up enough about myself.”

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