Heidi Montag’s ‘chaotic’ birth

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Heidi Montag’s son’s birth was ”chaotic”.
The ‘Hills’ star – who has two-week-old son Gunner Stone with her husband Spencer Pratt – has revealed her other half acted like an ”air traffic controller”, co-ordinating everything as she prepared to give birth.
She shared: ”He [Spencer] was like an air traffic controller, it was chaotic. There were crystals being rushed in and our own personal camera crew were there too, one videographer and one photographer, and he was trying to co-ordinate everyone.
”Later my mum arrived from Colorado. Then Spencer left the room so my make-up artist Stella stepped in. At that time I needed someone to concentrate on me and not everything else and Stella did that. It was a circus.”
And when Heidi’s waters broke at the couple’s home, Spencer was more concerned about getting the biggest crystals from their house into their car so the 31-year-old reality star could give birth surrounded by crystals.
Spencer revealed: ”When Heidi’s waters broke I started carrying the big ones from my house to the car but we had to go, so I called my friends at Crystalarium in West Hollywood. They raced over to the hospital with more crystals and so we were bringing them up from the valet, pushing them along in the hospital wheelchairs because they were so big. It was insane.”
And two weeks in, Spencer has confessed he hasn’t once changed his son’s nappy as he wouldn’t want to ”take the fun away” from Heidi.
He said: ”I wouldn’t want to take that fun away from Heidi. You would think it was the present under the Christmas tree. She even loves the smell. I gag and she loves it, so why would I take that away from her?”’
Whilst Heidi added to OK! magazine: ”I don’t want him to because I love changing diapers. That’s my job!”

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