James Corden rents 64k a month mansion

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James Corden is renting a £64,000 a month Malibu mansion.
The 37-year-old chat show host and his wife Julia Carey have been living in Pacific Palisades since moving to Los Angeles but they are set to leave the five-bedroom abode they have been staying in and move to a beachfront pad with their children Max, five and 23-month-old Carey.
According to the Sunday Mirror, the ‘Late Late Show’ host’s new home is a five-storey mansion with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gym and four sun terraces.
A personal chef will also tend to the family’s culinary needs.
While James and Julia have settled in to Los Angeles, he recently admitted there are times when they miss home.
He said: ”We have bouts of homesickness. But I’ve got this little box that connects to your TV so I can always watch ‘Match Of The Day’ on a Sunday afternoon here. I find that incredibly comfortable.
”[But] the great thing is I’m at home every day. There’s no sort of sense of going off and leaving my family to film something which I’m very, very grateful for.”
And James said it is ”inevitable” that his children will grow up with American accents.
He said: ”I fear that that is inevitable really. My son talks to his friends in school in an American accent and then when he comes home and talks to us he talks in a British accent, which is very, very strange. But I guess when you’re that age you just want to fit in really.”

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