John Legend matured with marriage –

John Legend matured with marriage

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John Legend claims Chrissy Teigen has made him a better person.
The ‘All of Me’ hitmaker credits his pregnant wife – who is expecting a baby boy, a brother for their 23-month-old daughter Luna – for helping him be less ”selfish” and more mature, and thinks raising a family together has forced him to grow up.
He said: ”I’ve definitely not always been scandal-free. I did all kinds of things that I’m not proud of. Nothing evil, nothing awful. I lied. I was selfish.
”But I’ve gotten better at life. Maturity is a lot to do with being with the right person. Learning what the other person in your relationship likes and caring enough about what they like to try to make them happy.
”And when you raise kids together, you have to operate like a team and you want that team to be successful. I wasn’t ready to do that when I was 25. But then I met Chrissy.”
The 39-year-old singer met the 32-year-old model in 2007 when she starred in the video for his song ‘Stereo’ and he is ”more attracted” to the ‘Lip Sync Battle’ star – who he wed in 2013 – than ever before.
He told the Sunday Times magazine: ”Buy flowers every once in a while, let the person know that you’re still turned on by them.
”I’m more attracted to Chrissy now than I was 10 years ago. It’s more than just physical now. We’re a team. It makes me feel more connected to her than ever.”
John and Chrissy are open about their lives on social media, but he insists they don’t show everything, especially when it comes to ”dark moments”.
He said: ”We don’t discuss every argument or every dark moment that we go through, because it’s not everyone’s business, but the way we represent ourselves is honest.
”Both of us are stubborn. I’m just calmer in general. I’m more reserved and less demonstrative with my emotions. But she has brought out a boldness in me to not always say the safest thing.”

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