Keith Urban inspired to try by Nicole Kidman –

Keith Urban inspired to try by Nicole Kidman

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Keith Urban has been inspired to ”try anything” by Nicole Kidman.
The 50-year-old singer says he has his wife to thank for encouraging him to give everything a go, even if it doesn’t turn out how he had hoped.
Speaking at the 2018 SXSW Festival in Austin, Keith said: ”The way I approach it now is, ‘Let’s do it. We can scrap it after the fact.’ I learned that from my wife. Try anything, do anything, it’ll be very apparent if it sucks. But I have to try it. I would never have discovered [certain ideas] if I hadn’t dared to suck.”
Meanwhile, Keith previously admitted he cannot bear to be apart from Nicole for a week and they try to make plenty of plans in advance because they don’t like being away from each other for more than ”a handful of days”.
He said: ”We never made a promise to each other. I just don’t want to be away from her for two weeks or [even] a week. We try and schedule pretty much everything so that we’re not away from each other for more than a hand full of days. Even when she was shooting ‘Lion’ in Australia we just relocated down to Tassie for a few days and wherever else we had to go so we just stay together as a family it’s really important to us.”
And Nicole recently confessed her family are her biggest ”passion”.
The 50-year-old actress – who has Sunday, nine, and Faith, seven, with Keith and Connor, 23, and Isabella, 25, with her ex Tom Cruise – shared: ”My big passion is just my family; my love. My daughter said to me, ‘You and Daddy kiss all the time.’ I thought, ‘That’s such a fantastic thing for your daughter to say to you.’ And that’s my passion. I know it’s a simple answer, but I’m deeply passionate about raising my children and being with my husband.”

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