Taron Egerton buys his mother a house

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Taron Egerton bought his mother a house as a thank you for helping him get through drama school.
The ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ star was thrilled when he was able to present his mother with a new home to thank her for all the hard work she put in to encourage his career.
He said: ”I bought my mother a house last year, I’m very proud to say … My mother especially, they were all very excited about it. My auntie, my father, my mother, my stepfather, it’s about 40-50 pounds [to audition], probably $90 or something like that, and they each gave me the money to go and audition.
”And they each helped me get accommodation down there when I wasn’t able, I stayed with friends and things, it was a real family effort to pay for me to audition for drama school … when I got this place at RADA, and I was very lucky – I [auditioned] at a couple other places, but it felt like something that we’d achieved and it’s still, the success I’ve had still very much feels like my family’s success.”
Taron’s family encouraged his dream to become an actor as they wanted him to do something which made him happy rather than something that would necessarily make him lots of money.
He told People magazine: ”I’m not from an affluent background in any way, so there was never that [directive from my family] to, ‘Go and be a lawyer because you’ll make more money.’
”There was never any expectation I would make money so it was [encouragement] to go and do what makes you happy and I think they felt I was good at it, and that was lovely to have that support.”

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