Taylor Swift has no perfection worries

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Taylor Swift no longer feels the need to appear perfect.

The 25-year-old singer admits she used to be scared of trying to maintain her sweet image, but now believes her success won’t disappear overnight if she does something wrong.

She said: ”One thing I’ve gotten a little better at is the idea that I could do one thing wrong and all of this would completely disappear. Like, all of my work from my entire life, every album I’ve put out in the last 10 years, all of it would be wiped from the record and no one would appreciate what I’ve done that’s good. Because you watch celebrity culture, and it happens, you know? Someone says something crazy in an interview or is caught stumbling out of a club drunk too many times when they’re thought to be America’s sweetheart. People can feel betrayed very easily by celebrities. And one thing that used to really scare me a lot is making my fans feels like they don’t know me.

”I’m 25 now. So if they see me with a glass of wine in my hand, I think that’s okay. They know I have a drink’ they’re cool with it. which is one of the really nice things about my fans. They’ve allowed me to grow up in a normal way without having to be this crazy, abnormal, terrified, packaged, plastic America’s sweetheart-type person.”

But the ‘Blank Space’ hitmaker – who is dating DJ Calvin Harris – insists she isn’t really a party girl in private anyway.

She added to America’s ELLE magazine: ”So I have to be easier on myself about this. Because the reason I don’t stumble out of clubs drunk is because I don’t really like doing that, like on a Wednesday night, you know?

”So I just have to trust that this isn’t going to disappear.”

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