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Want info about fitness and nutrition? Browse through hundreds of interesting and informative articles on everything from exercises for toned arms, abs and thighs to hot workouts such as Bikram yoga and kickboxing, as well as healthy, low calorie eating plans.
[photo]-Oral Care + Enamel Erosion

Oral Care + Enamel Erosion

How to protect your teeth from an acid attack! Enamel erosion: it isn’t fun, especially the (oft-painful) tooth sensitivity that usually follows. But with the amount of acid-rich food and drinks we consume on a daily basis, erosion seems inevitable.... Read >>
[photo]-Health Benefits of Eggs

Health Benefits of Eggs

Enjoying them during breakfast + beyond! Eggs: they’re a tasty breakfast option, and a versatile ingredient when it comes to cooking and baking. But are they healthy? That’s the question many people tend to ask themselves, so we spoke with... Read >>
[photo]-Photography for a Cause

Photography for a Cause

The making of Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningoccocal Disease The month of April marks the time of the year when the snow begins to melts, flowers start to bloom, and smiling becomes contagious. April is also the month during which one... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Fitness Sneakers

We ♥: Fitness Sneakers

Warmer days are closer and closer, and the season of outdoor training can officially begin! Of course, winter shouldn’t keep people from playing outside, but it’s a whole lot more motivating when the sun is beating down on you and the temperature... Read >>
[photo]-New Workout System: OMNIA by Technogym

New Workout System: OMNIA by Technogym

Functional training at its best Got little time during the week to squeeze in exercise? Do you prefer working out in a group rather than alone? If so, the new OMNIA by Technogym may be the training system that will keep you motivated to stay fit. We... Read >>
[photo]-Get Moving with the Nike+ FuelBand SE

Get Moving with the Nike+ FuelBand SE

Keep your motivation up with this high-tech bracelet We all know the importance of staying active, but the difficult part is often finding an activity you like and, most of all, keeping your motivation up. A recent trend on the tech front: fitness trackers... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Healthy Snacks

We ♥: Healthy Snacks

If often happens that time simply doesn’t allow for us to prepare healthy snacks. In such instances, we seek to find alternatives in stores, all without paying attention to the ingredients list. Given that March is Nutrition Month, we’ve... Read >>
[photo]-Pregnancy + Fitness: How to Regain Your Strength

Pregnancy + Fitness: How to Regain Your Strength

Getting fit and staying fit, pre- and post-partum We were recently introduced to Essentrics, a fitness program that combines stretching and strength training. It promises to improve muscle tone, slim down the waist, thighs, and midsection, and increase... Read >>
[photo]-Chia Seed Benefits + Tips

Chia Seed Benefits + Tips

Why and how to add this nutritious seed to your diet Chances are, when you read the word “chia”, you hear that catchy little Chia Pet jingle in your head. Yes, this article is about chia; but we’re more interested in sharing the benefits... Read >>
[photo]-Work Out with the Wii Fit U

Work Out with the Wii Fit U

It’s easy to get active at home! Like every January, you’ve made some lovely resolutions that include getting back into shape, of course. All that’s left to do is add three or four workout sessions to your already jam-packed schedule.... Read >>
[photo]-Winter: Supplements + Vitamins

Winter: Supplements + Vitamins

Better health in a bottle Stress, insomnia, fatigue, indigestion, anxiety... Sometimes, winter has a way of really knocking us out with its erratic weather and shorter, darker, colder days. We know how important it is to take our health into our own... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Fitness Gear

We ♥: Fitness Gear

This time of year, gyms are filled to the brim, with people armed with new resolutions and good intentions. And if their main goal is to get back in shape, who says they can’t do it in style? Here are 10 exercise finds that will leave you feeling... Read >>
[photo]-Red + White: Team Canada Gear

Red + White: Team Canada Gear

 6 items to show our support With the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games just 25 days away, we must admit: we can barely contain our excitement! Ready to root for all our Team Canada athletes, we’ve found a few essentials to don while outdoors, be... Read >>
[photo]-Everyday Detox Tips

Everyday Detox Tips

4 ways to cleanse your body on the regular Overindulged during the holidays? Or, perhaps, you’ve found yourself eating out on most days of the week? Whatever the reason, much like our closets or our office spaces, our bodies can also benefit from... Read >>
[photo]-Choosing a Group Fitness Class

Choosing a Group Fitness Class

Navigating the vast offerings at the gym We all know the importance of exercising to stay in shape, but doing the gym thing on their own is not for everyone. Signing up for a group class at your nearest fitness club can be a great way to stay motivated... Read >>
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