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Want info about fitness and nutrition? Browse through hundreds of interesting and informative articles on everything from exercises for toned arms, abs and thighs to hot workouts such as Bikram yoga and kickboxing, as well as healthy, low calorie eating plans.

[photo]-March Editorial

March Editorial

Time to wake up! Spring is finally (read: fiiiiinally) coming this month! For a lot of people, the season is symbolic of rebirth on many levels. Flowers come back to life, the sun comes out more often, and our collective mood improves by leaps and bounds.... Read >>
[photo]-Oral Care: All About Enamel

Oral Care: All About Enamel

What’s in a smile? Ever since we were yay big, we’ve been told to brush our teeth morning and night, floss, and avoid eating foods that risk staining our pearly whites; all excellent tips to keep us flashing a healthy smile. But there’s... Read >>
[photo]-Fitspiration: 6 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Fitspiration: 6 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

A bit of daily motivation found in your feed We often discuss it, how eating well and keeping in shape are vital to overall good health. But, sometimes, that much-needed motivation can make itself scarce. Here are six Instagram accounst for a daily... Read >>
[photo]-Our Top 5 Body Washes

Our Top 5 Body Washes

Must-haves you can find at the pharmacy Although showering is part of our daily routine, to some people, it’s also a well-deserved moment to relax a little. (Right, new mommies?) We must admit to sometimes being a little confused when selecting... Read >>
[photo]-February Editorial

February Editorial

Sex appeal to go Every year, I try to not get too carried away with the frenzy surrounding Valentine’s Day. But it seems I can’t help it: to me, February is a romantic month. And since it’s the middle of winter, it’s not like... Read >>
[photo]-Recipe: Creamy Matane Shrimp Risotto

Recipe: Creamy Matane Shrimp Risotto

Another way to look at almond milk Recently, we joined our friends at Almond Breeze for tea. They had invited us to try their brand’s signature beverage, which was particularly creamy, they told us. We thought we would merely be drinking it. But... Read >>
[photo]-2015 Nutrition Trends

2015 Nutrition Trends

The year in health The Canadian Health Food Association has partnered with nutritionist Hélène Baribeau in order to put together a few of the biggest health trends of the year. Here are three of our favourites! Avocado oil “Avocados... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Eco-Responsible Products

We ♥: Eco-Responsible Products

Products that are good for your body, spirit + the environment Your resolution for the upcoming year is to eat well and take better care of yourself?  Great! And if you vowed to use and consumer products that were not only good for you but the... Read >>
[photo]-6 Healthy Smoothies

6 Healthy Smoothies

Tasty drinks for a strong mind + body A new year has arrived, and many of us are likely making vows to live a bit healthier starting now. Often times, small changes can yield big results, and it can start as easily as what’s on your plate. Or,... Read >>
[photo]’s Resolutions for 2015’s Resolutions for 2015

A year of change and growth! Welcome to 2015, the year in which positivism will be on the agenda of the people behind your favourite women’s magazine. (That’s us!) A focus on new trends, in recent breakthroughs in the beauty world, finding... Read >>
[photo]-Our Top 3 Health Articles of 2014

Our Top 3 Health Articles of 2014

To a fitter, healthier you! Staying healthy in both body and spirit, it’s a year-long endeavour. It was certainly on the minds of our readers as well, as you guys certainly wanted to eat well, stay fit, and live and overall healthier life. 1.... Read >>
[photo]-Bone Loss Prevention

Bone Loss Prevention

The low-down on your skeletal health Bone health: it’s not something most women below a certain age tend to think about. Bone diseases like osteoporosis seem so far away, and yet, it is approximately at the age of 30 that bone mass stops growing,... Read >>
[photo]-Health Benefits of Eggs

Health Benefits of Eggs

Enjoying them during breakfast + beyond! Eggs: they’re a tasty breakfast option, and a versatile ingredient when it comes to cooking and baking. But are they healthy? That’s the question many people tend to ask themselves, so we spoke with... Read >>
[photo]-7 Gifts for the Fitness-Minded

7 Gifts for the Fitness-Minded

7 finds to get him or her moving! Some of your loved ones may soon be on holiday break, but that doesn’t mean that they’re putting their workout on hold! For the fittest among your family and friends, here are a few choice essentials they’re... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Free Nutrition Apps

We ♥: Free Nutrition Apps

5 applications to eating well With the thousands of applications available for your smartphone, it’s not easy to choose the best one to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. So when you combine free with effective, it’s hard to go wrong!... Read >>
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