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Want info about fitness and nutrition? Browse through hundreds of interesting and informative articles on everything from exercises for toned arms, abs and thighs to hot workouts such as Bikram yoga and kickboxing, as well as healthy, low calorie eating plans.

[photo]-We ♥: Free Nutrition Apps

We ♥: Free Nutrition Apps

5 applications to eating well With the thousands of applications available for your smartphone, it’s not easy to choose the best one to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. So when you combine free with effective, it’s hard to go wrong!... Read >>
[photo]-The Health Benefits of Tea

The Health Benefits of Tea

Five brews to remedy common ailments As the second most consumed beverage worldwide after water, the elixir at the centre of various social gatherings and ceremonies in many cultures—including that of our neighbours across the pond—and a... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Healthy Halloween Snacks

We ♥: Healthy Halloween Snacks

6 inspired + frightening ideas With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking of thematic snacks to prepare for your little monsters. And since we don’t want to give them too many sweets—they’ll be getting a good... Read >>
[photo]-Superfoods for Fall

Superfoods for Fall

3 fruits + veggies that are more than just tasty While much of the animal kingdom is preparing to hibernate (a seasonal custom that most humans envy), we are taking measures to boost our immune systems for the cold months ahead. We suggest you start... Read >>
[photo]-The 411 on Nail Infections

The 411 on Nail Infections

How to keep them at bay At the top of the list of things we would rather not talk about are infections. But, in the name of healthy and beautiful nails, we’re going to right now! So how exactly do we treat fungal infections?   (What follows... Read >>
[photo]-Why You Should Run

Why You Should Run

6 reasons to tie up your laces + go! We often hear from avid runners that their sport of choice is comparable to a drug. It’s true: the high one gets from a run creates quite the addiction! We’ve got a few reasons to pick up jogging—or... Read >>
[photo]-Breast Cancer in Numbers

Breast Cancer in Numbers

A few Canadian stats about the disease Breast cancer is still the most common form of cancer among Canadian women, but there is definitely progress being made in its prevention and treatment. We’ve got a look at how the breast cancer scene has... Read >>
[photo]-Choosing a Group Fitness Class

Choosing a Group Fitness Class

Navigating the vast offerings at the gym We all know the importance of exercising to stay in shape, but doing the gym thing on their own is not for everyone. Signing up for a group class at your nearest fitness club can be a great way to stay motivated... Read >>
[photo]-5 Reasons to Cook with Cocoa Butter

5 Reasons to Cook with Cocoa Butter

It’s the better-for-you butter! It’s common knowledge that cooking with too much fat is neither good for our health nor our waistlines. Butter is delicious, but high in saturated lipids and cholesterol. While there are many other healthier... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Lunchtime Inspiration

We ♥: Lunchtime Inspiration

With the back-to-school season about the get started, we’re sharing with you a trend that your kids will surely appreciate: food art. It’s literally as its name suggests, making objects, people and animals out of food, all for the general... Read >>
[photo]-All About Raw Juice

All About Raw Juice

The benefits and limits Juice cleanses and other liquid diets have popularized raw juice, the liquid that flows from juice extractors. Whether you’ve jumped on the bandwagon in order to shed a few pounds, for health reasons, or by pure pleasure... Read >>
[photo]-Ultimate Wellness Guide

Ultimate Wellness Guide

How to find balance in your life Whatever the time of year, it’s a good opportunity to pause and take stock of ourselves, where we try to find a balance in all spheres of our lives, both professionally and personally. This can be done by eating... Read >>
[photo]-4 Motivational Mantras to Live By

4 Motivational Mantras to Live By

Tips to help you take charge of your life Once upon a time, you wanted to write the next great Canadian novel. Or, perhaps you’ve been itching to make a career change. Or, like many, your quest to lead a healthier lifestyle is something you... Read >>
[photo]-Great Summer Workout Gear

Great Summer Workout Gear

5 finds to keep you active this season! The sun is shining and summer is really here, so where better to work out than outdoors? But first, you’ll need light clothing and gear that was designed with the hot season in mind. Here are five essential... Read >>
[photo]-We ♥: Summer Salads

We ♥: Summer Salads

5 inspiring versions found on Pinterest Whether it’s a dinner amongst friends or a quick lunch between meetings at work, salads are the ultimate food ally this summer! Be warned: this is more than just a few leaves of lettuce and the usual tomato... Read >>
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