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[photo]-How to Avoid Overeating

How to Avoid Overeating

Despite our efforts to eat well and exercise daily, it’s sometimes not enough to reach that ideal weight goal. Another thing to do is to try to control your portions, to ensure you get all your essential nutrients, feel satiated, and keep your calorie intake in check. Rest assured: it’s all easier than it actually sounds. Here are a few tips on eating wisely and avoiding over-indulging.
Eat reasonably-sized portions. First, evaluate your nutritional needs depending on how many calories you burn. Also, consult Canada’s Food Guide to find out the recommended portions for each food group. For more precision, don’t hesitate to use measurement tools: that way, you can have a better idea of how many calories your meal contains. A tip: eat on smaller plates to get used to eating smaller portions.  
Opt for healthy foods. All you actually need to do is up your daily fibre quotient to increase that feeling of satiation. To do this, you can easily switch to multigrain bread and add whole wheat to your meals. As for slimming your waistline, avoid reaching for fatty foods; for example, choose plain yogurt instead of sour cream.
Don’t give into temptation. Avoid leaving serving bowls on the dinner table; even better, put away any leftovers before eating to ensure you don’t go in for a second helping! What’s more, try and make a habit of cooking individual portions. For example, instead of baking a whole cake, use a muffin tray instead.
Eat slowly. Your body takes 10 minutes to transmit a feeling of feeling full to the brain. So before reaching for a second serving, wait and make sure that you in fact still are hungry.
Don’t force yourself. In certain households, there was always a rule to finish what is on your plate. However,  it is recommended to stop eating when you feel full.
Still hungry? Eat light. In order to take advantage of a full meal, be sure to have a side of veggies, salad or soup. This will ensure you get that feeling of satiation, all without adding too much to the fat and caloric content. And if your meal still hasn’t filled you up, munch on an apple once you leave the table.
Plan in advance. Prepare your grocery list in conjunction with your planned meals for the week. And be sure to save some time in your busy schedule to hit the store; also give yourself plenty of time to ensure you make comparative and smart decisions.
Of course, even with these restrictions, be sure to satisfy your cravings every once in a while! Sure, adding some fresh herbs to a meal can make all the difference, but if ever your sweet tooth beckons, indulge in a small portion of something yummy.


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