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[photo]-ViPR: Hot New Fitness Trend

ViPR: Hot New Fitness Trend

Your workout has gone to the tubes!
After conquering France and the United States, ViPR has finally made landfall in Canada. We recently had a chance to experience this new kind of workout at Midtown Le Sporting Club Sanctuaire in Montreal. We’re willing to bet that more and more gyms and fitness centres will soon be adopting this trend that will definitely make you sweat!
Its origins
Pronounced "viper", VIPR is a whole-body workout boasting more than 9,000 movements, which uses a new style of free weight: a one meter-long tube, with handles distributed horizontally and vertically, which weighs between 8 and 44 pounds.

It was by watching loggers lift and move logs that fitness trainer Michal Dalcourt got the idea for this exercise. Thus the tube, much like a log, can be carried, lifted, tilted, toppled, etc.
The technique
With VIPR, many muscles are engaged in just one motion. Moreover, depending on the intensity, it acts as a great cardiovascular workout, as well. An acronym for "vitality, performance and reconditioning", this full-body workout is appropriate for people of all ages and all fitness levels.

"Based on reading the movements that the human body can produce, functional training solicits the muscles in a widespread fashion via natural movements, providing a physical balance best suited to the demands of everyday life," says François Leduc, CEO of Midtown.

Many fitness experts extol the benefits of VIPR, such as: decreased
risk of injury, increased muscle strength and tone, improved balance, coordination and flexibility, calorie expenditure, and decreased body fat.
The experience
Lucky and brave that we are, we had the chance to try out ViPR for ourselves. We can confirm the following:
-Don’t rely on the first few minutes of the class to judge the intensity of what’s to come. You have been warned!
-You’ll be totally absorbed in the workout that you’ll forget all about your daily stresses. (That said, it’d be nice to get a ViPR prescription that can be reimbursed by our insurance provider? One can only dream…)
-You’ll likely have an extra burst of energy, hours after your workout. However, 24 hours later, your muscles will really start to feel the effects!

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