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[photo]-Movember: Grow a ‘Stache for Prostate Cancer

Movember: Grow a ‘Stache for Prostate Cancer

All about the movement + how to get (your man) involved
For the past few years, our menfolk have enjoyed growing out their mustaches in support of Movember. The cause they’re championing is prostate cancer, the most common cancer for men and the most deadly after lung cancer. What should we know about it and how can we prevent it? We have our “pink” month; let’s hear it for the month of moustaches!

The movement

Where does this phenomenon, popularly known as Movember, come from? It started in Australia in 2003, and today is found across the globe and boasts 1.9 million participants. Created to get people talking and to raise awareness amongst men about taking care of their health, now it’s the international symbol for November. Movember gives men the chance to temporarily alter their appearance, but also to take a stand on the issue of prostate cancer. For the past several years, it’s become more and more prominent in Canada and has been reminding men that they need to take care of themselves, mustache or no mustache!

The cause

This cancer is usually found in men over 50 and often evolves over a long period of time, sometimes almost 10 years. Warning to guys: prevention needs to begin early. This type of cancer can be detected by a blood sample or by consulting a doctor who can tell if there’s a tumour. But don’t worry, a tumour does not automatically mean a diagnosis of cancer. A tumour can remain inactive and benign for years. In any case, the best indicators remain family history and changes in health, especially sexual and urinary. If either feels painful or abnormal, a doctor’s visit is in order.

The facts

Is this an important cause? Absolutely. In Canada, one man in seven will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. That’s more people than even breast cancer, which affects one in nine women. Luckily, there are many treatment options today, increasing the chance of recovery. That’s good news!  

Joining the campaign
Men who want to toss their mustache in the ring can sign up on the Movember site and participate in fundraising all month. Starting November 1st, you can create a profile on the site and become a “Mo Bro” for 30 days. All the details about the programs this fundraising supports are available online. There’s also a lot of really fun information about the ‘mo, such as upkeep, mustache style inspiration on Pinterest, and a list of foods to avoid while sporting a ‘stache.

Still not convinced? You should know that you can become a “Mo Sista” by advocating for the cause as a lady, no mustache required!

Just like the playoff beard, the November moustache has become a common sight. We have to admit, the idea of our man having a little Jude Law or Johnny Depp thing going on is pretty nice. So long as he keeps it neat and tidy, of course!


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