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Vitamins, pedometers, treadmills, cool fitness and workout wear-we've got them all here in our archive of fabulous women's fitness and nutrition product finds and service recommendations.
[image]-Protective Panties

Protective Panties

Urinary incontinence: it’s not something most women like to discuss, but it’s there. In fact, 1.5 million Canadians suffer from it, be... Read >>
[image]-Drops of Honey

Drops of Honey

Even though spring is here, don’t think you’re in the clear when it comes to cold and flu just yet. Feeling that telltale tickle in... Read >>
[image]-Naturally Healthy Teeth

Naturally Healthy Teeth

On a daily basis, we do our best to choose natural products whenever possible, whether it’s for our beauty routine or cleaning our home. This... Read >>
[image]-Some Low-Cal Snacking

Some Low-Cal Snacking

Here at HQ, many of us have a sweet tooth, and not a week goes by without one of us falling into a new vice for our taste buds. Whether... Read >>
[image]-Herbal Detox

Herbal Detox

There is nothing better than a warm cuppa to help recover from a cold, right? We enjoy decadent versions of tea in the afternoon, lighter fare in the... Read >>
[image]-Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth

  Come winter, we won’t refrain from going out and playing in the snow. Be it our morning outdoor jog or a day of ice skating, a thermal jacket... Read >>
[image]-A Perfect Pair

A Perfect Pair

As born-and-bred Canadians, our entire lives have practically been spent in the snow, whether we simply trudged through it on our way to school or work,... Read >>
[image]-Olympic-Calibre Frames

Olympic-Calibre Frames

Sochi 2014 fever: we’ve got it! And as official eyewear supplier to Team Canada, Oakley is offering up these gorgeous shades as part of its Canadian... Read >>
[image]-Soy is So Yummy

Soy is So Yummy

We’ve been including soy beverages into our healthy—and usually balanced—diet for a while now. While we may have run out of new ways... Read >>
[image]-Sensitivity Out, Pearly Whites In!

Sensitivity Out, Pearly Whites In!

Tooth Sensitivity: a definite bummer for those of us with a penchant for sinfully sweet treats and drinks hot and cold. While our toothpaste for sensitive... Read >>
[image]-Hooded Wonder

Hooded Wonder

Hoodies: they’re a cold weather staple, whether we’re lounging about at home or out for a late-fall run. In the latter category, the new Oakley... Read >>
[image]-Yoga on Fire

Yoga on Fire

When something has Jillian Michaels’ name branded upon it, we know we’re in for a crazy workout. And when that something is called Yoga Inferno,... Read >>
[image]-Wake Up Your Water

Wake Up Your Water

For some of us, drinking a glass of rejuvenating water is an enjoyable, thirst-quenching experience.  For others, it’s a less-inspiring task,... Read >>
[image]-Natural Goodness

Natural Goodness

Yogurt fiends: yes, that describes a lot of us here at HQ! Crazy about the dairy concoction, which has been a part of our daily diet for ages,... Read >>
[image]-Quinoa Confection

Quinoa Confection

In recent years, quinoa has been the super food de rigueur for people who are trying to eat a bit healthier. From salads to veggie burgers, it has found... Read >>
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