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Vitamins, pedometers, treadmills, cool fitness and workout wear-we've got them all here in our archive of fabulous women's fitness and nutrition product finds and service recommendations.

[image]-At-Home Pedi

At-Home Pedi

Well, it seems the leader in the world of cleansing brushes now takes care of our feet! Clarisonic fans, did you know you can now get a salon-style pedi... Read >>
[image]-New in Sensitivity Relief

New in Sensitivity Relief

New toothpastes that hit store shelves all seem similar, but when it comes to tooth sensitivity, we’re ready to try anything. The latest find that... Read >>
[image]-Smooth Morning

Smooth Morning

Need a healthy way to start off your day? A smoothie is usually a quick and nutritious breakfast or snack option, and the task has now been simplified... Read >>
[image]-Toothbrush Upgrade

Toothbrush Upgrade

If we told you that our electric toothbrush can be charged via a USB port on our computer, would you believe us? And that, at home, it can be charged... Read >>
[image]-A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

Affected by eczema? You’re not alone: roughly 10% of Canadians are afflicted with this skin condition, which consists of dryness, redness,... Read >>
[image]-Under the Summer Sun

Under the Summer Sun

Heading out the door for your morning run? We’re sure you have all the necessities handy: running cap, iPod, bottled water… and... Read >>
[image]-Solid Performance

Solid Performance

A sturdy sneaker, that's fine. And the more versatile it is, the better. But throw in the right amount of colour and, well, we’re sold!... Read >>
[image]-Summer Smile

Summer Smile

The perfect summer accessory? A whiter, brighter smile! So says Gwen Flamberg, US Weekly’s beauty director, whom we had the chance to meet recently.... Read >>
[image]-Go (Coco) Nuts!

Go (Coco) Nuts!

Peanut butter has always been our go-to snack or light lunch on days when cooking can be a chore. But that doesn’t mean we’re not eating... Read >>
[image]-Spring (Tea) Break

Spring (Tea) Break

With the warmer weather ahead, we’re breaking out the fun and fruity tea! DAVIDsTEA has just released its newest seasonal collection, and with... Read >>
[image]-Protective Panties

Protective Panties

Urinary incontinence: it’s not something most women like to discuss, but it’s there. In fact, 1.5 million Canadians suffer from it, be... Read >>
[image]-Drops of Honey

Drops of Honey

Even though spring is here, don’t think you’re in the clear when it comes to cold and flu just yet. Feeling that telltale tickle in... Read >>
[image]-Naturally Healthy Teeth

Naturally Healthy Teeth

On a daily basis, we do our best to choose natural products whenever possible, whether it’s for our beauty routine or cleaning our home. This... Read >>
[image]-Some Low-Cal Snacking

Some Low-Cal Snacking

Here at HQ, many of us have a sweet tooth, and not a week goes by without one of us falling into a new vice for our taste buds. Whether... Read >>
[image]-Herbal Detox

Herbal Detox

There is nothing better than a warm cuppa to help recover from a cold, right? We enjoy decadent versions of tea in the afternoon, lighter fare in the... Read >>
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