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All in body health:

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We Tried It: CoolSculpting

Posted on 2014-10-29
Transform your body without going near a scalpel continue

Women + Heart Health

By Émilie Carignan on 2013-02-18
Why you should take care of your heart now continue

Foot Health: Picking the Perfect Shoe

By Vicki Karigiannis on 2012-11-26
Comfort without compromising style continue

Cold + Flu Comfort Allies

By Mariève Inoue on 2012-11-12
What to reach for when you're feeling under the weather continue

Energizing Morning Stretches

By Marie-Andrée Guimont on 2012-10-15
The perfect routine to help you hop out of bed continue

Breast Self-Exams: A Reflection

By Marie-Andrée Guimont on 2012-10-08
A lauded practice no longer the norm continue

Put on Your Walking Shoes

(editor's pick)
Posted on 2012-05-21

Skin Care: No Carcinogens, Please

By Marie-Andrée Guimont on 2012-05-07
Why Attitude is revisiting its ingredients list continue

All About Lipomassage

By Marie-Andrée Guimont on 2012-04-30
The 411 on this body contouring treatment continue

Spring Detox Tips

By Marie-Andrée Guimont on 2012-03-19
Time for a major clean-up! continue

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