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[photo]-Make a Large Room Cozy

Make a Large Room Cozy

We all enjoy decorating our homes, whether we’re going for a complete revamp or just adding a few eye-pleasing accents. Things may get harder when you’re main goal is to not make your room look too cluttered or, in the case of a bigger room, have it look too spacious and cavern-like. Don’t fret: we’ve got seven ways to ensure your large space looks cozy!

Opt for dark colours.
Much like light colours can open up a room, darker shades can help make a space look smaller. We’re not only talking about wall colour—be sure to also paint your ceiling the same dark shade to bring it down visually—but also dark pieces of furniture. So, in short, avoid white!

Make use of large patterns.
If you’re opting for wallpaper over paint, pick one that features bold patterns. Even furniture with large prints work, as the huge patterns will help draw the eyes inward rather than have them focus on the largeness of the room.

Use textured accessories.
Accessories are great for filling up space. Even better, opt for some with plush textures, like a shag rug or fuzzy throw pillows. These can help enhance the cozy feeling of the room.

Think large.
To fill up a room, be sure to opt for large furniture, large bookcases, a large flatscreen television, large artwork on the walls, etc. This will fill up the huge space (including the artwork on any wide expanses of wall space), and will also create scale, making the room look smaller than it actually is.

Create seating space.
Since you have the room, why not add more seating space? A larger couch with a couple of reclining chairs can definitely fill it up. Plus, instead of placing your furniture against the wall—which will leave a lot of empty space—a better option is to group your furniture in the centre of the room.

Divide the room.
A great way to make use of a large room is by sectioning it. You can make use of bookshelves as actual dividers, or visualize the separation of space. You can have a living room and perhaps a play area for the kids, for example, or a living room and use the extra space to create a dining area!

Add tall floor plants.
Adding plants to a room offers a nice touch, whether you have a small or big space. However, for larger rooms, avoid tiny potted plants. Go for tall, tree-like plants that you can sit on the floor. These will take up space, and their height will be a good match for that of the high ceilings.


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