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[photo]-Sunny Travel Destinations

Sunny Travel Destinations

3 locales to suit your different tastes
Spring is here, and many people are looking to soak up a little sun and get away from their everyday routine, even for just a little while. But where to go? Various destinations can fulfill different needs, so whether you want to lay on the beach all day, party all night, or sample a country’s culinary delights, we’ve found a vacation spot that’s right for you. Safe travels!

The Bahamas – Soak Up the Sun
Located just north of Cuba, this commonwealth country consisting of numerous islands is the ideal place for some rest and relaxation. Blue skies, even bluer waters and sandy beaches all come together to give you the ultimate vacation paradise.
Where to go: The two main islands—Nassau/Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island—are the most popular destinations for tourists. However, for something a little bit different, we suggest you take a tour of the other surrounding islands, offering a taste of tranquility and allowing you to interact with friendly locals. The Berry Islands, for example, have miles and miles of secluded beaches that will make you feel as if you are the only person in the world! And if you are the sporty type, Andros offers great hiking, diving, kayaking, and more.

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St. Maarten – Party On!
This northern Caribbean island is divided between two countries: the Netherlands (which occupies the southern Sint-Maarten) and France (who has the bigger piece of the pie, the northern Saint-Martin). While this culture-rich destination offers good food and good times under the sun, it is also the ideal destination for those who love to have some fun once the sun goes down.
Where to go: St. Maarten is a party-lover’s paradise, boasting a myriad of clubs, bars and casinos (note: gambling is only allowed on the Dutch side of the island). In Philipsburg, you can hit the bustling boardwalk on Front Street and head into the likes of the Jump Up Casino; climb aboard The Lady C, a 1930s boat docked at Simpson Bay that has been transformed into a floating bar; or hit Maho Bay and dance the night away at Bliss, a jammin’ nightclub featuring a live DJ and a pool area.

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Mexico – A Food-Lover’s Dream

Back in November, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) put traditional Mexican cuisine on its Intangible World Heritage list, naming it a piece of culture worth preserving. So on your next visit to this popular spring destination, be sure to sample some of the local culinary fare!
Where to go: With this announcement, the Mexican National Council for Culture and the Arts unveiled eight new gastronomic routes, allowing visitors to experience all the flavours of Mexico. For example, the Morelos Route (spanning various cities in the states of Guerrero and Morelos) allows you to try the area’s fantastic local seafood, like crab and scallop; while the Zapata Route (which takes you from Puebla to Morelos to Mexico City) will satisfy your sweet tooth, with Mexican staples like barrachitos (a liqueur-flavoured chew), flan, jams, and more.

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