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[photo]-Paradise in Prince Edward Island

Paradise in Prince Edward Island

Dream vacation, right here in Canada
What comes to mind when you think of Prince Edward Island? Potato fields? Anne of Green Gables? It’s definitely more (much more) than that! Here, we unveil the red sands and coastal sights of this gorgeous Maritime island.
About the island…
After a few hours on the road (PEI is a 12-hour drive from HQ in Montreal), we crossed the Confederation Bridge towards the province’s sandy red shores. But why red? It’s because the sand contains high levels of iron oxide, which rusts when it comes in contact with the air.
After venturing into the fiery red, we went straight to green. Connecting the area’s various attractions, the roads wind through the rich farmland—which makes this region a great place to eat. Since the island has a particularly irregular shape, no matter where you find yourself, simply walk a few kilometers to get closer to the Atlantic. Want proof? The miles and miles of beaches is one the province’s many claims to fame.
From June to September, whether in the city or the country, let yourself be guided by the flavours of the island
City living: Charlottetown
Canada was born in this historic city. In 1864, the Fathers of Confederation met at Province House, a site that is open to visitors today, to discuss the creation of our great nation.

It is in this capital of the province of PEI, also a quaint university town, where you will find some of the most interesting artisan pubs in the region. The beer is tasty, the people are cordial, and what is there to say about the curry and scones, other than they are utterly delectable. We also recommend the nachos, especially when made ​​from home-made corn chips.
Address book:
Hillhurst Inn Bed & Breakfast – 181 Fitzroy Street.
This residence dating from 1897 has quite the sumptuous character… and you sleep just as comfortably. The B&B serves delicious homemade breakfast that stands out every morning, particularly their waffles and berries.
The Gahan House – 126 Sydney Street.
With six tasty creations of hops brewed on site, the Islanders certainly don’t envy the citizens of the globe’s greatest beer capitals. The menu boasts local cuisine and, at night, the atmosphere is definitely festive!
Top Notch Charters – Peakes Wharf, Charlottetown Harbour.
The experience wouldn’t be complete without an offshore fishing trip. Mark and his family invite you onto their boats, showing you the art of lobster fishing. And as the sun sets, you can enjoy the red crustacean as the boat is anchored right in the middle of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.


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