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[photo]-The Low-Down on Capsule Coffee Machines

The Low-Down on Capsule Coffee Machines

Our guide to single-cup coffee makers
The advent of capsule coffee machines has virtually changed the industry. In addition to making inexpensive hot beverages of all kinds that are ready in seconds accessible to all, it’s also made coffee machines very trendy. And since there is a wide array of choices, we thought we would list the features of the ones that have caught our eye since their arrival on the market. 

Relatively well-known, Keurig’s capsule coffee machines can easily be found in major retail stores and prices vary widely. While we love the practicality it lends us at home, the brand also offers a selection for the office and the hospitality industry.  
The bonus: The diversity of capsules. Many companies offer capsules that are compatible with this coffee machine. Thus, we can get our hands on different kinds and flavours, and that, no matter our budget!

Let it be known, Nespresso’s machine is the darling of capsule coffee machine lovers. A true pioneer, people quickly took notice thanks to its advertising campaign featuring the dark and handsome George Clooney which first hit Europe. Since then, our corner of the world has been blessed with chic, albeit rare, Nespresso boutiques, which offer choice entry into the wonderful world of delectable coffee.
The bonus: We love the look of the brand’s offerings, which serve as a decor accent on our kitchen counter, and we must admit that the taste of the coffee produced by this one differs from that of other similar coffee machines. While capsules are only available in-store or for order online, the service, however, is impeccable.  Take it from us: when you buy a Nespresso machine, you join a movement.

Yes indeed: last year, the American coffee giant launched Verismo, its very first capsule coffee machine for lovers of its green-emblazoned coffee. Critics may differ but, in the end, this machine reproduces the signature Starbucks taste very well, and thus enables us to enjoy just a little of this daily guilty pleasure right at home. Of course, the famous chain has the monopoly on its sale, but we were nonetheless curious to discover this brand whose machine boasts an impressive and surprisingly attractive design.
The bonus: Its look, and the taste of its coffee which calls to mind an authentic Starbucks cuppa!  


We believe that Tassimo, Keurig’s biggest competitor, offers a beautiful selection of capsules of all kinds. Plus, it can be found in a variety of stores. Thus, it definitely scores points for its availability. While the coffee is pleasant and we don’t have one bad thing to say about its use, it didn’t blow us away until recently. If the goal was to win the hearts of Canadians, Tassimo nailed it by partnering with Tim Hortons to create an array of capsules of the latter’s eponymous brew.
The bonus: Its availability and its collaboration with the above-mentioned Canadian coffee powerhouse.

Now, the choice is yours!
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