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[photo]-Décor Inspiration: <i>Downton Abbey</i>

Décor Inspiration: Downton Abbey

Edwardian-inspired pieces, with a modern twist
The trials and tribulations of the Crawley family on the hit PBS Masterpiece series, Downton Abbey, has us tuning in week after week. Not only for the romance and family dynamics, but for the fashion and décor inspirations, as well. In the latter category, we must say, the furnishings and decorations featured on the show have truly motivated us to give our homes a bit of a revamp. The Edwardian era did away with the stuffiness of the previous Victorian period, and focused on more modern (yet still lavish) décor, inspired by nature, art nouveau designs, and baroque styles. While we won’t give our living space the full-on Downton treatment, we found a number of gorgeous furniture and accessories that blend hints of the early-20th century with our more contemporary palate.
1. Large, gilded framed mirrors were part of the Edwardian décor. While we’re opting to go without gold, the wood frame on this mirror gives it an opulent-yet-rustic charm. Sabine Mirror, $387.42 at Pottery Barn.

2. A chandelier in the living room?! The Crawleys have an elegant piece in their drawing room, but we’re suggesting a more modern number to achieve perfect lighting. It can even be used with both light bulbs or actual candles! LERDAL Chandelier, $59.99 at IKEA.

3. A vintage-looking wallpaper gives some added je-ne-sais-quoi to your Edwardian-inspired space. Light colours with large patterns and florals were particularly popular during the era. Damask Wallpaper (in Bewitched), $125 per roll at

4. While we’re going with a more modern cut here, rather than with the rounded furniture the period was known for (such as the well-known wing chair), this sofa boasts the button tufting of the times, as well as a dark, rich hue. Petrie 2-Piece Sectional Sofa (in Basil), $4,653.77 at Crate & Barrel.

5. While the Victorian era had more detail carved into its furniture, Edwardian pieces were more modern and streamlined. This pretty end-table is inspired by the rich mahogany furniture of the times. Monterrey End Table, $509.99 at

6. Much like the wallpaper, this neutral-hued rug boasts an intricate pattern that will certainly catch the eye. Vercelli Rug, $499.99 at EQ3.

7. The first decade of the 20th century was all about floral patterns and soft, luxurious materials such as silk. Purple Mimosa Silk Pillow, $44.50 at Indigo.

8. Granted, timepieces during Edwardian times were likely grand longcase or mantle clocks, but we couldn’t help but include this vintage-looking item. Ergo Oxford Hall Wall Clock, $39.99 at


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