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[photo]-Home Décor: We ♥ Wallpaper

Home Décor: We ♥ Wallpaper

For stylish walls
On top of our to-do list for the fall season: a simple and inexpensive home upgrade, which will give added renewal and freshness to our space. No need to break out the paint brushes or purchase expensive accessories: this time around, we’re opting for wallpaper to gracefully dress up our walls. All you need is the right tools and know-how for a muss- and fuss-free application, as well as the right design for you. Need some guidance? We’ve found 12 designs that have earned a place on anyone’s wall!

1. Graham & Brown Darcy Wallpaper, $70 per roll at
2. Brewster Weathered Plank Wallpaper, $53.99 per roll at
3. The Wallpaper Company Mega Flowers Wallpaper, $54.98 per roll at Walmart.
4. Design by Colour Wallpaper (BC1583590), $32.99 per roll, online.
5. Superfresco Easy Majestic Wallpaper, $35.74 per roll at
6. Mosaic Static-Cling Decorative Door Film, $29.99 at Sears.
7. Design by Colour Wallpaper (BC1582291), $32.99 per roll, online.
8. Sunworthy Beige Foulard Wallpaper, $43.99 per roll at Sears.
9.  Zebra Print Wallpaper, $37.96 per roll at Walmart.
10. Superfresco Easy Cinema Taupe Wallpaper, $35.74 per roll at
11. Double Roll Wallpaper (#9374532), $29.99 at Bouclair.
12. Double Roll Wallpaper (# 9374524), $29.99 at Bouclair.


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