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Are You Raising Brats?

by Rebecca Schwarz
published November 19, 2007

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Most of us would prefer to raise well-behaved kids, not brats. Is your tot is on her way to becoming a holy terror? Take our quiz and find out!
1. You’re out shopping and decide to hit the toy aisle. Your little one…

throws a tantrum until you buy her a new toy.

asks politely if she can have a toy.

doesn’t say anything.

2. Your daughter is just learning to tie her shoes, but she’s having a hard time. What do you?

Let her figure it out herself.

After a few minutes, tie her shoes for her.

Give her some time to figure it out, then help her if she needs you to.

3. Do you ever buy your kids treats to keep them quiet and happy?




4. When busy with work, do you ever let family routines slide?




5. Do you ever dread taking your child shopping, worrying she’ll throw a tantrum?

Yes, all the time.

No, never.


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