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[photo]-Single and Happy for the Holidays

Single and Happy for the Holidays

Not many people would choose to be single during the holiday season—but don’t let the lack of a significant other ruin your fun! has your guide to enjoying the holidays to their fullest as a fabulous single gal.

Get away. If you can, treat yourself to a vacation, whether for a week or a weekend. Just two days in a neighbouring city can revitalize you: visit museums, art galleries, shop or go to the theatre. You can find amazing deals on last-minute flights and hotels.

Be the life of the party. Not going anywhere on vacation? Then go to as many parties, bashes and family gatherings you can. Just remember why you’re there—to have fun! In order to do that, it’s important to know how to answer intrusive questions from elderly family members and tactless new acquaintances about your single status without letting them get to you. When faced with an inquiry about why you’re still single, make your answer pleasant, yet short. Something along the lines of “Mr. Right just hasn’t come along yet.” will do. Changing the topic will avoid any further questioning, as well as help you to focus on other things.

Treat yourself. Rather stay home? Then assemble a solo-holiday emergency kit! You’ll need: a supply of favourite treats, which may or may not include a bottle of wine; books, CDs and DVDs for your entertainment needs, and a full range of luxurious bath products and scented candles. Then, treat yourself to a full evening of pure pleasure.

Rent some DVDs and have a few "themed" movie nights: romantic comedies, favourite TV shows, cathartic weepies, whatever suits your mood.

Plan ahead. Schedule special activities for yourself every day, especially when you won’t be meeting with friends or family: a visit to the art museum, tickets to a play, a hike in the park, a yoga class—it’s up to you!

Start something new. If there’s a project you've been putting off, then now is the time to start it! Make that scrapbook, paint your bathroom or refinish that antique table. Absorbing and satisfying!

Why not try your hand at photography? Capture winter landscapes, holiday decorations, children, animals—it’s also a great conversation starter when meeting new people!

Help others. Volunteer to walk your neighbour’s dog while they’re away for the holidays. You could also care for someone’s cat. It's a cliché, but it's true: helping others makes you feel good. So volunteer to serve food at a shelter, bake treats and give them out to colleagues and neighbours, or look for organizations that could use a helping hand.

Throw a singles party. If you have neighbours, friends, or colleagues who are single, too, invite them to your home for dinner. It’ll be an occasion for singles to get to know each other. If cooking overwhelms you, then why not have a potluck?
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