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[photo]-Alternative Online Dating Sites

Alternative Online Dating Sites

Nowadays, it seems that online dating is the perfect way for women with packed schedules to find love. We’re sure you know of at least one couple who has met through the web! But the same ol’, same ol’ sites can be a drag, which is why we found six that are different from the pack. Check them out!

Shopping and dating go hand-in-hand on this fun dating site. You—the “shopper”—looks out for a great “product”: a man. Guys willingly post their profiles up until a woman, who can filter by age range, social type, style and other bonuses (vegetarian, six-pack, non-smoker, etc.), drops him in her cart.

This is a good-intentionedwebsite in which people vouch for their son/brother/best bud/ex-boyfriend. They create profiles and go on about how awesome their single man is, and hope to find him a suitable match. Of course, we do hope that said man’s friends give him a heads-up before posting his photo in this meat market!

Having a few similar interests with a guy is always great, and this website helps you find someone with the same tastes in books. Just search by favourite author or book title, and you can find a dude’s profile, and learn more about him and a list of his fave books. You can also provide your must-reads in your profile and, who knows, you just may find a man who shares your love of To Kill a Mockingbird!

In the same vein as book tastes, this site matches you up with someone based on your favourite bands and musical artists. The neat thing, the site can extract your music tastes from your existing account. If you don’t have one, though, you can still enter your fave artists and find your musical match!

This niche site opens up to the vast expanse of geekdom, whether you’re a Star Wars fan, anime aficionado, or a staple in the Ren Fair circuit. This site is great in that you can find a match who enjoys obscure types of films like you, for example, but perhaps not an intense gamer who spends 24/7 on his XBOX. Unless you’re both really into World of Warcraft

From the geeky to the absolute vain, this site is for beautiful people only. Anyone can create an account, but its community votes on whether you’re attractive enough to join. If you’re confident that you can make the cut, go for it! We’re sure that you will find someone who is physically attractive; we only hope that he’s beautiful on the inside, too.

Do you know of any other online dating sites that offer a unique experience for singles? If so, please share them below!



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