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[photo]-Solo Travel How-To

Solo Travel How-To

5 tips for seeing the world on your own
Whether your single status is intentional or not, it should not deprive you of the chance to explore the world! When done smartly and safely, it can be a very exciting experience,
even be fascinating. It’s an opportunity to build relationships, discover different horizons… and learn more about yourself. Check out our advice on how to roam alone.

Security tips
Prep your travels from A to Z rather than deciding things on a whim. Books, websites and blogs: use any source necessary to learn the customs of your destination as well as any must-see sights and activities to do. Click here to read Her Own Way: A Woman’s Guide to Safe and Successful Travel, available on the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada website (
Organized trips
On your way to explore new lands without a partner? In order to optimize your experience, do your research on group trips by area of ​​interest. Sports, cultural tours or shopping trips: steer your vacation towards a theme that best suits your needs and interests.

Made just for you
While most travel agencies offer packages designed for couples, more and more are offering ones targeted towards single people. So be sure to pick an agency that keeps you, fair singleton, in mind! For example, Signature Vacations offers packages available exclusively for singles.
Humanitarian travel
Have you ever thought to use your vacation time altruistically? Building schools, teaching a language course or offering any housing- or food-related service? The possibilities are endless! This is an authentic way to make contact with local people, all the while building relationships with your fellow travelers.

Daily excursions
If you dread group travel for fear of landing amongst people too dissimilar from you, go about things differently. Once in a foreign city, look for any short excursions available. Whether for a few days or for only a few hours, you get to do what pleases you. 
Lively travel
Rather than staying in a large and impersonal hotel, opt for a charming bed and breakfast, where you can meet other guests who can help you navigate the region. Or try a youth hostel, which has the advantage of lower prices. The more adventurous can also engage in the practice known as CouchSurfing, a.k.a. accommodation at a local resident’s home. While the possibility of making new acquaintances is exciting, it is not without its risks… so be sure to read all information (and other travellers’ comments) about any potential host.


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