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[photo]- So You Want to Talk Dirty…

So You Want to Talk Dirty…

How to ease into it!
Sex: it’s more than just a bodily experience. Aside for lingering touches, the power of one’s voice and words can also play a role in turning your man on. Have you mastered the art of talking dirty? It doesn’t come easy to some people, and it may just not be your thing. But it’s worth trying to test your sexual boundaries and be a bit bolder in the bedroom. Read on for tips on how to ease into it.

Trust your man.
Talking dirty takes a lot of courage if you are someone who’s on the inhibited side. We’re sure, therefore, that you won’t show this vulnerable side to just anyone, so ensure that your beau is someone you are comfortable exchanging raunchy words with.

Do it in the dark.
There may be a sense of awkwardness when trying to be sexy while mouthing off filthy words, all the while your sweetie is staring you in the eyes! Therefore, for the first few tries, try dimming the lights before you begin. (Or, as a baby step, perhaps start with phone sex.) It’ll likely boost your confidence, and you’ll quickly ease into doing in with the lights on… and with your man not only listening, but seeing!

Use words you’re comfortable with.
There are many ways to talk dirty, and sure enough, there will be one that will be perfect for you. If you’re not the narrator type (“I want to do [insert action here] to you.”), for example, maybe you’re more used to using the f-word instead. Or, perhaps you’re the type who prefers (sexily) asking what your man likes. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget the follow-through!
Dirty talk is about listening and reacting. For every positive reaction you receive (a grunt of approval, for example), do it again and again. For everything you say, do: for example, as you spout on words about how you love his ears, give one of his lobes a tug. Dirty talk is all about leaving your lover wanting more. Also, it is a give-and-take, so make sure your man offers up some sexy words to you, as well.

Practice, practice, practice.
Upon first try, you may think talking dirty isn’t right for you. You’re blushing, your lover’s laughing at you; it probably won’t feel all that sexy. Try it out, test your comfort level (heck, be bold enough to even surpass your comfort threshold!) and, of course, observe your partner’s reactions. With time and practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! And if not, at least you tried something different!
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