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[photo]-4 G-Spot Friendly Positions

4 G-Spot Friendly Positions

For pleasure that knows no bounds!
The G-spot: it’s that ever-elusive part of the female anatomy that escapes many. During intercourse, you and your partner have tried in vain to locate this pinnacle of female sexual arousal. But not all hope is lost, ladies! Below are four pleasure poses guaranteed to stimulate that famously erogenous zone and help you reach sexual nirvana. Enjoy!

How-to: As the name aptly indicates, the lady takes the reign in this scenario! While your lover lies on his back, you straddle on top of him.
Why you’ll love it: All eyes are on you! For heightened G-spot stimulation, we highly recommend you try this position in reverse.

Levitating Legs
How-to: Ready for some acrobatics? Have sweetie sit on the edge of the bed, legs straightened before him, while you sit up on top of him with your legs flung above his shoulders.
Why you’ll love it: This delightful pose may require a bit of flexibility, but the pleasure from the deep penetration that ensues will be well worth the effort!

The Butterfly
How-to: Attention all thrill-seekers, this position is for you! As your man sits up, legs stretched before him, lie on top of him with your legs parted as much as possible in order for him to penetrate you from behind.  
Why you’ll love it: this pose allows for complete control, and takes stimulation to a whole new level.

How-to: This perennial classic is a favourite for obvious reasons. Both you and your beau are on your knees, with your lover leaning forward on top of you while you have your back to him, with your forearms to the ground holding you up.
Why you’ll love it: Again, you’re being penetrated from behind, a position guaranteed to stimulate your G-spot!   
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