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[photo]-5 Unconventional Sexual Practices

5 Unconventional Sexual Practices

Unusual fetishes for eccentric lovers!
When seeking to try new things in the bedroom, it’s safe to say that most people look to the Kama Sutra, perhaps engage in the frisky pursuit of the elusive G-spot, or better yet, finally dare to plunge head first into the world of Tantric sex. But beyond these common sexual activities lies a wide spectrum of fetishes unbeknownst to many. And while you may raise an eyebrow at these uncommon sexual proclivities, perhaps one or more of the practices we’ve highlighted below may just inspire you to take a walk on the wild side!
The name says it all, doesn’t it? Technosexuality, also known as robot fetishism, involves a sexual attraction to robots and other machinery. Technosexuals (not to be confused with technophiles, who are people with acute knowledge and unconditional love for their gadgets) are sexually aroused by partners who dress up and behave like androids. Think this may inspire your next sexual role play?
Nantaimori / Nyotaimori
Sushi is a most visually-pleasant and delectable treat. Now imagine how much more delicious and visually enticing the Japanese delicacy becomes when served atop the naked body of a scrumptious looking man! The latter is known as Nantaimori, and Nyotaimori refers to the same practice, only with a naked woman posing as a sushi platter. Sashimi, anyone?
This sexual practice inspired the 2007 film, Lars and the Real Girl, starring Ryan Gosling. The latter played a socially awkward small-town man who becomes romantically involved with an anatomically-correct doll baptized Bianca. Mannequins, statues, and other dolls also do the trick!  
The image of a ripped Adonis with mud all over his brawny chest, sweat trickling down the lines of his abdominals, with his hair nothing but a disheveled mess after a well-fought game of touch football in the rain is one erotic thought, is it not, ladies? If you agree, then you will certainly be intrigued by salirophilia. Fetishists who engage in this sexual practice derive sexual pleasure from soiling or disheveling the appearance of their partner. Messing up their hair, soiling them with mud or filth, and ripping or damaging their clothes is all fair game in this scenario.  
For fans of this sexual fetish, everyday is Halloween, and their costume of choice is a giant furry animal! Ursusagalmatophiliacs enjoy dressing up in animal suits and being intimate with others dressed just the same. Popular culture often pokes fun at this practice, an example of which is HBO’s former comedy series, Bored to Death, which once featured two furries going at it in one episode. 
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