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[photo]-What Men Think: Dating

What Men Think: Dating

Thoughts on the game of love, straight from the guys
Dating: we gals know what we look for in a guy, what will make or break a date, and we all have an opinion on who should foot the bill at the end of the night. But what do our male counterparts think about the intricacies of this time-honoured ritual otherwise known as dating? Below, we surveyed three guys on a few common dating questions-slash-conundrums in the hopes of gleaning more insight into the male psyche. Here’s what they had to say.*
On a first date, do you pick up the bill, split it both ways, or let your date pick up the tab?
“I'd say [the] first few dates should be paid for by a man. It's a gentleman's rule.” - Michael
“Yes, of course. You have manners, you’re well educated, you invite someone to dinner, you pay. It’s not about equality; it’s about having the courtesy to make the person feel appreciated for taking the time to come and spend time with you. Same goes for a business dinner. And just as with a business dinner, you don’t expect anything of it. You just hope to make a good impression.” - Richard
“It depends. If I propose to go out, I will pay because I [am trying to] seduce her and I want her to leave with a good impression of me. If she proposes to go out, and if I’m interested, I will pay for the same reason as above. If she proposes to go out and I am not interested, but I don't mind being her friend, then I don't know if I would pay. I think it depends on whether I have a good feeling about her or not.” - Kevin
While navigating the dating scene, is it appropriate to date several people at once?
“There shouldn't be an issue with this.” - Michael
“Yes, dating is not a commitment. When you want to buy a car, do you [visit] only one dealership, or do you shop around and see what is best for you? And do you only go to one dealer, and forbid yourself to go see another dealer until you’ve made a decision about the first dealer’s offer? No. Same goes for dating.” - Richard
“I don't know if it's appropriate or not, but what I think is that the girl or guy who does this is either desperate, or just wants a one-night stand.” - Kevin
What are some immediate deal breakers for you on a first date?
“Talking about your ex-boyfriend. Being rude to others (waitresses, bartenders, store owners).” - Michael
“A girl with no class, or who isn’t open-minded.” - Richard
“Vulgarity. Or if she talks a lot about money, has no ambition in life, or she smokes (big no-no).” - Kevin
*Please note that the above comments have been edited for length and clarity.


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