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[photo]-His + Hers Travel Essentials

His + Hers Travel Essentials

Packing for your next trip à deux
The dates are set, the hotel reservations are made, and now all that’s left is the countdown to D(eparture)-Day… and, of course, packing that suitcase. We’ve got a few items to take along with you, in his and hers variations. Bon voyage!
You’re bound to be gone sightseeing for a good part of the day, so you’ll need somewhere to pack snacks and your camera. Zippers are a good idea, so nothing falls out and it’s not an open invitation for pickpockets. A model with a shoulder strap is both practical and stylish; plus, your hands will be free, so you can snap souvenirs to your heart’s desire.

HIS (1): Mexx Bag, $69.90 at Mexx stores and
HERS (9): Everything Waska Cross-Body Bag (Taupe), $45 at Little Burgundy.

Travel wallet
Once you’ve had a travel wallet, you won’t ever want to board a plane without one again. Practical for keeping your passport, travel documents, money, change and a pen handy, it’ll help you stay organized throughout your trip.

HIS or HERS (2): Lug Tango Travel Wallet (in Grass Green), $31 at

When on vacation, we suggest leaving your cell phone at home; the idea is to disconnect, and you’ll want nicer pictures than those your smartphone can offer. Still, you’ll need to know what time it is… which is where these beauties come in. An easy-to-read face, and a look that is casual yet stylish: travel-perfect, we say! Plus: the smaller one is a unisex model, so if your beau wants a change from his bright orange band, he can slip his wrist into your more neutral one.

HIS (4): Nautica NMX 601, $195 at specialty jewellery shops, Sports Experts and Sears.
HIS or HERS (3): TIMEX Weekender Central Park, $49.99 at specialized stores and

Carrying a full-sized perfume bottle and risk breaking it, and having your favourite fragrance leak all over your belongings? No, thanks. Instead, opt for a solid perfume or a roll-on version, or pour a small quantity of your go-to in a small atomizer to make your fragrance travel-friendly. Portable, and with much less mess potential.

HIS or HERS (5): SEPHORA Collection Universal Silver Atomizer, $18 at SEPHORA stores and online.
HERS (6): L’Occitane en Provence Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume, $14 at L’Occitane boutiques and online.

No one wants to take a big bottle of shaving gel on vacation, and you don’t have to! Ladies can enjoy the comfort of using a razor that has shave gel bars right around the blade (and smells like sweet almonds), while guys can try these oh-so-smart shaving sheets that dissolve when you add water and turn into shaving gel.

HIS or HERS (8): Shaving Sheets, $4.99 (50 sheets) at
HERS (7): Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor, $11.99 in pharmacies and mass retailers.


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