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[photo]-All About Sex Toy Parties

All About Sex Toy Parties


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Plus: the best-sellers at these saucy soirées!
Inspired by the famous concept of Tupperware parties, many sex shops now offer live product demonstrations at home; a daring proposal for a girls’ night in like no other! 
Many of these demonstrations are offered free of charge. The idea is simple: invite a minimum of 10 people (the number of guests may vary from one company to another) and, at the appointed time--preferably after the first round of cocktails to ensure a more relaxed atmosphere—a representative arrives with filled suitcases in hand. For approximately three hours, she will introduce you to erotic items and accessories, which you will have the opportunity to touch and taste. (A few particular items can’t be tested, of course!) Once the presentation is over, you can purchase whatever you so choose with complete privacy, and the hostess is usually rewarded with a small gift, which varies depending on the final number of sales.
No need to wait for a birthday or bachelorette party to organize this kind of event which, we guarantee you, will please all your senses!
Here are a few of the top selling products in home demonstrations of this kind:

Rabbit Vibrator
This all-in-one vibrator boasts “bunny ears” that stimulate the clitoris, while the beads within the head rotate to do the same for the vagina. No wonder it’s the best-selling sex toy in the world!

Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss
This gloss boasts a hot / cold effect, which increases oral sex sensations tenfold. Guaranteed fun!

Moist Personal Lubricant
A water-based lubricant, there’s nothing better for both solo fun… and fun for two!

Kama Sutra Intensifying Gel
This gel is specifically designed for women and, once moderately applied on the clitoris, intensifies arousal. Oh, yes!

Stretchable Magic Material
With two open ends, this penis sleeve is perfect for when going down on your guy. This one’s a must to please your special man.

Ben Wa Balls
Designed to tone vaginal muscles, these are especially recommended for women who have had children.

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  • thepinksimsboard
    April 26, 2013 at 10:13 pm
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    Check out the link for a great alternative to awkward sex toy parties!

    This site offers tons of selection, great prices (and weekly specials), free regular shipping on any order over $49 CAD, and fast and discreet shipping (think: unmarked brown cardboard box within a week). They have something for everyone - including condoms and lube, sex furniture, lingerie, pride products, and so much more.

    That website is hidden on my favourites - I'm a regular! Do yourself a favour and save that URL!
    • thepinksimsboard
      April 26, 2013 at 10:21 pm
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      I know this seems like spam but it's truly a good site. I think everyone should have to option to explore their sexuality without having to go to a sex toy party!

      I cannot post the link here, but please feel free to message me and I will share it with you - in confidence, of course :)
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