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[photo]-What Men Think: Women’s Fashion

What Men Think: Women’s Fashion

A few guys weigh in on our fave trends
While magazines are full of glossy snapshots where print-mixing and vibrant colours reign supreme, what happens when these trends finally hit the streets? We asked a few gents what they thought of the latest fashions. Here’s what they had to say:

Floral pants

“I’m indifferent. It looks a bit like something my grandma would wear; I don’t think it’s super attractive.” - Marco
“I’m not really crazy about it, but I think they’re okay.” - François
“These floral trousers remind me of curtains or a sofa from the ‘70s. I think they’re so-so.” - Oscar
“I’m not a fan of this trend. I think they’re best for a weekend spent away from civilization!” - Lincoln

Floral Print Trousers, $59.90 at ZARA.

Crop tops

"It’s very pretty. You’ve got to have the figure to pull it off, but it’s sexy!” - Marco
“It’s a bit racy and too revealing for my taste.” - François
“I like it; the short sweater trend coming back in style. However, it’s not for everybody…”- Oscar
“I love the look, it’s simple and feminine. But if you [have a round figure], you should avoid it.” - Lincoln

Classic Crop Top, $6.80 at Forever21.


“I think you have to be confident to adopt this look. It’s very trendy.” - Marco
“Hmm, let’s just say this isn’t my favourite look!” - François
“I really don’t like it. There’s no shape to it, much like harem pants. It’s not very flattering.” - Oscar
“It’s all in the attitude—and the shoes! It’s interesting, but definitely not one of my favourite looks.” - Lincoln

Jumpsuit, $69.95 at H&M.

Derby shoes


“Way too masculine for my taste! I don’t like them.”- Marco
“I think they’re very cool!” - François
“It’s an interesting look, but it all depends on what you wear them with. They would look prettier with a skirt. I have to say that it’s a very avant-garde look.” - Oscar
“They’re perfect for a girl who’s more daring. Actually, I really like them. They’re very trendy.” - Lincoln

Brogue Blucher, $79 at ZARA.


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