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[photo]-Kama Sutra for Beginners

Kama Sutra for Beginners


Despite what they might say in public, most people play it pretty safe in the bedroom, which is why the missionary position is still, maddeningly, a part of our everyday lexicon.
If boredom with the missionary position is making you hope for a little divine intervention to spice up your sex life, then this article might just be your little gift from heaven. And don't worry -- you don't have to have the flexibility of a circus freak, or easy access to a zero gravity chamber to enjoy these positions. Let's call it Kama Sutra for Beginners. We'll skip the doggie style and woman-on-top positions since they're both pretty well-known and begin with variations that might actually be new to you.

The Desk Mate

Time to put your desk to good use. If it's currently just a stand for your computer or the place where you leave unpaid bills, try using it as an alternative to the bed. It's really very simple. The woman sits on the lip of the desk with her legs apart and the man enters (the woman, not the desk) while standing up.

This is good for a few reasons. Unlike the missionary, the man doesn't have to support his weight with his arms, leaving his hands free to fondle or hold. Also, because there's no body weight being pushed down on the penis (as there is in the missionary and doggy style) the man tends to last longer.

A great way to enhance this position is for the woman to wrap her arms and legs around the man and pull her weight up on him for a spell so she's resting on the shaft of his penis -- that's guaranteed to get things moving along very nicely. Then, when you want to slow it down a bit, the woman takes the original position again.

By the way, take this piece of advice from someone who knows: if your desk is made of wood, watch for splinters.

The Cello

Never learned how to play a musical instrument? I don't recommend that you do this one on the stage of your opera house, but that's really up to you. This is a cool variation on the missionary that gives both the man and the woman a little extra latitude. Here's how it's done. The woman lies on her back, the man enters her from above and pulls both her legs over one of his shoulders holding onto her legs with his arms.

Play with this one by switching the shoulders on which the legs are resting, or by the woman arching her back while the man slowly raises himself up. That changes both the angle and the sensation.



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