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Perk Up!

published August 27, 2010
rating:   (128 Ratings)

Face it, girls: we’re young enough to still have sprightly boobs, but know that the older we get, sagging will become a bigger issue. At the moment, we certainly want to ensure they stay as perky as necessary, both for ourselves and our beaus. With the LUSH Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream, however, the girls can defy gravity for a bit longer; this cream is made with natural skin-firming ingredients like meadowsweet and tiger lily pedals, as well as heavenly smelling roses and organic oils to keep our pair soft. After a week of using it on our breasts and neck, we definitely noticed some uplift and an altogether sexier décolleté. (Apologies to our male readers: there are no before-and-after pics.)


$24.95 (100 g) at LUSH

Perk Up!

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  • Romina
    January 19, 2013 at 9:10 am
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    I absolutely love this product! I'm not a big fan of the smell, but I noticed some changes after using it every night for two months.

    I also use it on my bum and thighs.

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