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7 Sexy Gift Ideas

By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-12-09
To get your kink on this holiday season! continue

24 Steamy Ideas to Spice Things Up Before the Holidays

By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-12-01
Let the countdown begin! continue

Mindgasm: How to Think Yourself to Orgasm

By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-11-21
Be one with your body and mind… continue

5 Unconventional Sexual Practices

By Lady L on 2014-11-07
Unusual fetishes for eccentric lovers! continue

5 Things He’ll Love in Bed

By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-10-31
Let’s talk about his satisfaction continue

4 Ways to Have More Fun with Your Boobs

By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-09-19
It’s time to think differently about the girls! continue

Our Favourite Sex Positons

By Marie-Pier Alary on 2014-08-22
10 poses to try tonight continue

4 Secrets to a More Intense Orgasm

By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-08-15
Did you know… continue

We ♥: Fun Condoms

By Véronique Vincelli et Marie-Pier Alary on 2014-08-08
7 finds made for him + get our seal of approval! continue

We ♥: Sex Toys

By Véronique Vincelli and Marie-Pier Alary on 2014-08-01
8 suggestions for solo pleasure… or even for two! continue

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