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Is it Love or Spring Fever? (article)
By Toula Drimonis on 2014-04-11
When good weather brings out bad behaviour continue
3 Sex Toys for His Pleasure (article)
By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-03-21
A look inside a world in constant evolution continue
Debunking 3 Sexual Myths (article)
By Véronique Vincelli on 2014-01-31
Let’s talk about sex! continue
Surviving a Romantic Holiday Getaway (article)
By Véronique Vincelli on 2013-12-20
3 challenges + solutions for a satisfying vacation continue
Sexting: How to Do It (article)
By Caroline Elie on 2013-11-15
Just how far should you go? continue
5 Unconventional Sexual Practices (article)
By Lady L on 2013-11-01
Unusual fetishes for eccentric lovers! continue
5 Positions for Your Pleasure (article)
By Lady L on 2013-09-20
Tested + proven erotic acrobatics continue
So You Want to Talk Dirty… (article)
By Kinky Kiki on 2013-08-30
How to ease into it! continue
Sex at the Campsite (article)
By Dr. Love on 2013-08-02
Positions to try out in the open continue
Mimic that Post-Sex Feeling (article)
By Kinky Kiki on 2013-06-28
Boost your happy endorphins while solo continue

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