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Females in Fashion Trivia

by Martha Li
published June 15, 2010

Think you know who’s who in the designer world? Test your IQ of ladies in the fashion industry with our quiz!
1. Which supermodel hosted the TV series Project Runway Canada?

Heidi Klum.


Gisele Bündchen.

Tyra Banks.

2. Which of the following celebrities do not have their own clothing line?

Gwen Stefani.

Jennifer Lopez.

Hilary Duff.

Jessica Alba.

3. Which of the following supermodels is Canadian?

Christy Turlington.

Naomi Campbell.

Cindy Crawford.

Linda Evangelista.

4. In the novel The Devil Wears Prada, fictional character Miranda Priestly is rumoured to be modeled after which real-life magazine editor?

Glenda Bailey.

Grace Mirabella.

Anna Wintour.

Atoosa Rubenstein.

5. Stella McCartney has an athletic clothing line available from which company?





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