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[photo]-Couple  Sleep Positions

Couple Sleep Positions

We all have a certain way of sleeping, be it on our backs, our fronts, or in the foetal position. The way we sleep, particularly alongside our favourite bed mate—i.e. our guy—is telling as to the type of people we are, as well as the status of our relationship. Read on to find out what your sleep pose says about you.
Position #1: You are lying on your side, while your partner is pressed against you in the same position, with his arm around you. (Also known as “spooning”.)
What it means: This is a very intimate position that embodies a sense of security when your guy wraps himself around you. (Male-spooning-female is more common than female-spooning-male.) Couples who have been together for a little while—but are still in the “honeymoon” phase of their relationship—sleep in this position, as it is both reassuring and erotic.
Position #2: Much like spooning, you are lying on your side, while your partner is lying close to you in the same position, but with a bit of distance. There’s sometimes some part of you that is touching, however, like a foot or a hand.
What it means: This is a preferred sleeping position for couples that have been together for a longer period of time. There’s a slight distance that implies a confidence that you can pull away and know your partner isn’t going anywhere, and the lightest touch from your significant other comforts and cements that fact.
Position #3: You and your partner are lying face-to-face, enveloping one another in a full-body hug.
What it means: This is a position that is standard for brand-new couples (and newly-married couples) in the early throes of passion. By wrapping limbs around each other, it shows the need to be as close to your partner as humanly possibly. However, this can be an uncomfortable position for some, so a couple will eventually revert to other positions.


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