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[photo]-Signs Hes Ready for a Relationship

Signs Hes Ready for a Relationship

So you’ve been seeing this guy: he’s really handsome and fun, and seems to be into you. You think you may even be ready for that next step. But is he? Read on to find out if he’s set to be part of a twosome or if he’s not quite ready to commit.

5 signs he’s ready

He uses the word ‘we’.
He has future plans that involve you, beyond your Friday night dinner date. Whether it’s two tickets to a concert three months from now or discussing moving in together someday, when he speaks in first person plural, it shows he has you in mind as more than just a passing ship.

He wants to get to know those closest to you.
So your man is ready and willing to meet your parents, your best friend, Uncle Joe and Aunt May… By getting to know the important people in your life, it shows that he too wants to fall into that category.

He takes initiative.
There’s no waiting around for this one to return your calls or suggest you come up with an idea for (every) Friday night! If he’s the planning type and won’t leave you hanging, then he’s probably in it for the long-run.

Most of his friends are in relationships.
There may be something to worry about if all his buddies are single and spend their weekends drinking and on-the-prowl. On the other hand, if most of “the guys” are in committed relationships, it’s likely he wants to be part of the club, too.

He’s independent.
If he has his own place, a car or a stable career, this shows that he is a responsible guy and is ready to throw all his chips into a long-term relationship.

5 signs he’s not

He hasn’t shared his feelings about you.
We’re not even talking about professing his undying love to you. If he still hasn’t even said anything along the lines of “I care so much about you” or “I really enjoy spending time with you”, then you know he’s not ready for the next step.

He hasn’t introduced you to any of his friends.
The fact that he hasn’t introduced you to his buddies may imply he doesn’t think you’re as permanent in his life yet to warrant meeting those closest to him.

You’re always the one calling him.
If you’re the one always trying to reach him with little-to-no response and he never gets in touch with you—save for during random hours—then it shows his disrespect for you and essentially that he’s not ready to be in a relationship.

He doesn’t open up.
Communication is the key to any relationship. If he doesn’t tell you how his day went, doesn’t keep you posted on his weekend plans or can’t even turn to you when he’s down, then he’s evidently not set to be in a serious relationship quite yet.

He doesn’t have any future plans.
The plans don’t have to necessarily include you just yet—although if they do, that’s great! If he doesn’t have any long-term ambitions along the lines of buying a house and settling down someday and thinks more about traveling on his own for awhile or moving to a different city, then he’s still in single guy mode. That’s perfectly fine, but you shouldn’t have to stick around if you have other goals in mind.
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