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[photo]-Reasons to Start Dating Again

Reasons to Start Dating Again

Whether you have been dumped or are the one who ended a previous relationship, taking the next step in finding love anew is a big one. Yes, you've gotten over him, but are you still unsure whether you want, or are ready, to date again? We've got a few reasons that may help you want to get back in the game.
You get to experience a myriad of firsts. First date, first kiss, first time... The beginnings of new potential relationships are always the best part of dating, and you wouldn't want to deprive yourself of the nervous butterflies in your stomach to the joyous honeymoon-like phase that will soon follow.
You have a reason to dress up at night. While single, you may be more apt to spend nights at home in your pajamas. But when you have a date scheduled, this is a chance to put on a fancy dress and a spritz of perfume, and enjoy a night on the town with a handsome man.
You get frequent sex. When single, sex sessions can be, well, few and far between. But when dating someone, this definitely ups your chances of getting some. And, after all, we all know sex has many, many health and well-being benefits!
You have a vacation buddy. Sure, going on trips solo or with the girls can be a blast. However, there’s nothing better than being able to partake in the occasional romantic long-weekend getaway with someone special.
You get to have a “plus one”. Those constant couples dinners. The wedding invitation to your friend’s wedding. That extra concert ticket. There are many things in life that we dread attending solo, yet being part of twosome means having someone to join you!
It allows you to truly let go. Even after you've gotten over someone, falling in love again seems daunting. But being able to date lets you put your ex in the past, allowing you to move on and be happy. Once you've allowed yourself to do this, you are officially over your ex.
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